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Huawei Ascend P6 S

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  • AnonD-229450

have been using my p6 for about 4 months now. so far performed very well & I am being honest about my comment. though battery life need further improvement if huawei does plan a replacement model for p6. camera is awesome 8mp back & 5mp front = best in its category even out smart many others popular korean model! price tag + performance = very good buy! if you dont mind using a chinese made brand name!

  • MestreMur

anil, 30 Jan 2014I m confused huawei ascend p6 is dual sim?This is the P6s, not P6...

  • expert

good spects but memory would be at least 32 gb...

  • anil

I m confused huawei ascend p6 is dual sim?

  • AnonD-142922

same p6

  • Ad

but dear this is dual sim

  • winy

AnonD-217853, 22 Jan 2014Do Not buy P6S. Buy Huawei P6, more slimer AND costs less. Eve... moreI love this p6 n i will not change it to p6s coz the r the same,

  • AnonD-56334

haha...rofl.....this has got nothing new frm p6....exactly d same specs as every maker s releasing a added 's' version lik xperia z1s ,huawei got tempted i guess....

  • ajfern

When this Dual Sim model will be available in UAE market,Waiting for this a long time...

  • AnonD-207665

Huawei Ascend P6 gets Android 4.4 KitKat in January
15 November, 2013 | Comments (43) | Post your comment
Tags: Huawei, Android

Huawei Ascend P6 was announced and released in June with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean in charge of operations. Due to its incredibly slim profile and older generation quad-core processor, it was plagued with over-heating issues. We are not sure if those were resolved by Huawei, but if not, now is a good time for the company to make some optimizations and improvements.

The Huawei Ascend P6 was just officially confirmed to get the Android 4.4 KitKat treatment. The Chinese have taken it to Baidu to announce that the super slim smartphone will be getting the latest major Android release in January. Alongside it will come the new version of the company's proprietary Emotion UI.

Huawei is among the first to announce its KitKat upgrade plans, but is surely not the only one to skip Android 4.3 and move straight to the new KitKat version.

Android 4.4 KitKat was announced on the last day of October. It brings Project Svelte UI optimizations, bigger UI icons, removes the widgets from the app drawer, new Hangouts SMS/MMS/Gtalks unified hub, new Email app, new Phone app with nearby search and more. It even lowers the hardware requirements for the Android OS.

And the Ascend P6 owners will be able to enjoy all of these new features in just two months.


AnonD-223263, 22 Jan 2014And some info about KitKat update, for you non-believers ;) http... morebut i can see nothing in that link

  • Hamza

I hope Huawei will launch the international version in next months MWC with some changes for good .

  • AnonD-223263

And some info about KitKat update, for you non-believers ;)­i-2-3/

  • AnonD-223263

Steve, 22 Jan 2014Seems Huawei actually made the "updated" P6 S worse th... morerelax. this is version for China unicom only. International version will come with sd card slot and updated GPU Mali - 450mp4. even the first P6 for china came with dual sim, no card slot. For us in europe and rest of the world they will made another verson of P6

  • AnonD-207665

BABAK, 20 Jan 2014i hate this company as they dont have any support for their phon... moreAgree with your comments ....

  • AnonD-207665

Huawei promised to upgrade the pervious version Ascend P6 with Andorid 4.4kitkat but still no update and when it was asked the Huawei customer service they advise that even they are Not sure upon this ...really its strange ! So why should we go for P6S ???

  • Steve

Seems Huawei actually made the "updated" P6 S worse than the original P6!

They made the P6 S thicker, kept the poor camera and weak battery and, worst of all, ditched the card slot. For what? 0.1 Ghz higher CPU clock?

Worst update ever.

  • AnonD-217853

Do Not buy P6S. Buy Huawei P6, more slimer AND costs less. Everything else ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.

  • AnonD-56917

Moto G dual sim... stil better...

  • bond

what do you expect? this is Huawei, this is how we roll baby! go buy another brand.