Huawei Ascend Y200

Huawei Ascend Y200

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  • jk2096

help me i want to purchase Huawei Ascend Y200 but plz tell me which mobile is better huawei y200 or galaxy gio?

  • Shediy

AnonD-74072, 01 Oct 2012which app is used to transfer the apps from internal storage to ... moreIf you want to move apps from intenal memory to sd cad all u have to do is open setting, applications, manage application after that click on the app u want to move NOTE : not all apps can be moved. So if the app can be moved the move to sd card tab can be used. Then click on it and the app is moving to sd card. Enjoy ya dei

  • AnonD-74582

Huawei Acsend Y 200

I bought it on 24 August 2012 form Pakistan, but only one month after it has stopped working only its welcome logo continuously repeating, it can charge, but to switch it off I have to take out battery. I have restart it several time by using Main "ON" & "+" Button but problem remain the same.

Can anybody guide me what is the problem or I have to upgrade the Software(From where I can find those software) I am in Malaysia I can not claim warrantee

  • navk

pls tel me if 512 mb internal memory is enough and tel me how much memory is available for installing apps???

  • AZR

Dear for using internet on laptop, you have to do following. but before that make your mobile is browsing pages.
1 connect your mobile with laptop using usb cable.
2 in mobile go to settings then wireless and networks then tethring and portable hotspot and then check usb tethering.
3 enjoy internet, no software needed.

  • AnonD-74072

which app is used to transfer the apps from internal storage to sd card?thanks in advance

  • Ruz

Huawei Y200 has no front camera seems a minus point and poor sound quality when do video recording.
Still I could not find a manual how to access internet by connecting this phone to laptop. But Nokia satisfy with PC suite and CD come along with it but here for Huawei Y200 no such software available.
If anyone knows pls share with me

  • AnonD-74022

AnonD-72852, 22 Sep 2012I'm quite satisfied with my Tweaked Y200, i can play mid-end gam... more@vhince4005

i am impressed . What mind-blowing specs. Can u help me out with making my phone such great as you.

  • Qasim

bauza, 25 Sep 2012Why everytime when i trie to play some games its gonna pause it ... more sir i just want to say just wanted to say that just give it factory reset then i am sure it will not hag anymore i have consulted HUAWEI head office

  • mia

how can i tweak huawei y200?
please tell me every step to do that

  • AnonD-73934

Its a beautifull mobile in its range it is alot better than HTC Explorer and Wildfire S.....Its Camera is Awsum in Day but not good in Night I hav Y200 and Exporer but rocomend u to by Huawei y2oo

  • Sentinel

Bought this phone as first android phone. Before used Nokia 6303c and Nokia N97 mini. Y200 fulfills almost all needs. It has great screen, smooth on using apps and internet, calling quality is more than great. But it really has some cons. First things first: messaging is a bit difficult because accuracy when pressing keypad is poor. Many mistakes are made, sometimes I spend really to many time correcting simple messages. After some time and even more some time you could find out how to press and press where you want but.. some time and experience must pass by.. Or you must have really small fingers, mine aren't small but neither big, but I already feel like messaging on Y200 is almost annoying and 'unwantable'. Earlier I thought it was annoying on N97mini touch pad screen, but now I feel that it is relief after Y200,. and in sake of full picture or full scale - messaging on 6303C is divine. I would advice to turn off TouchPal key pad in vertical mode, and leave it on landscape mode. RAM: Lack of internal memory makes it difficult to download new apps. Task Killer is necessity. Some apps are annoying because it runs in background all the time (this is Android issue of course). You always have only ~40Mb of memory. Some times less than 20Mb. So if you want to download an app size more than 20Mb it becomes impossible to do. You must take some actions to free up Mbs. Program manager integrated into Android helps to do it. As I am not heavy task runner so it is not problem to me. I knew what I am going to buy: that was - Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, some level of multitasking and the screen. Those was my needs and the price was more than low. Advice: you must know what you really need. If you are photographer camera would be another disadvantage as it has only 3,2MPix, fixed focus. But I am not very strict on it because I have N97mini and Photo Cam, so ability occasionally to take an 3,2 million Pix image is more than enough for me, and I must admit that pictures of that camera are quite good, even in the dusk. If you are going to use many of offered apps, programs and games you should save your money for more expensive and RAM'er phone. And yet the best app for my 3 year old child to run very smoothly is Talking Ginger. Downloaded Angry Birds, first two or three levels ran very well, but then I deleted it, I am not gamer and the latter game wasn't so exciting. I Liked the sound quality even if most replies aren't good about it. I also like earphones, those are fine, minimalistic. It is said that battery can withstand only 1 or two days, but if you use it very often. But if you are like me - rarely using the phone intense, you could expect 3-4 days. I think even more if using Power saving mode. And the phone: it is quite well made. I mean its all from plastic which is solid, not cracking. I liked a lot the back cover. It sticks to the back of the phone very assuredly. And jaggy back cover makes the phone feel comfortable in palm. You shouldn't expect highest class plastic or metal in phone of such price range, but you feel that it was made with care for end-user, for us. In conclusion I feel happy about the purchase, although it has some weaknesses, but the price is his one of strongest points. If you know what you want - buy it, if you are unsure - don't buy it with closed eyes because it can be the cause of your frustration: research the market and make the right decision.

  • Nody

Please anyone tell me how to upgrade 2.3.6 android in to 4.0ICS for huawei Ascend Y 200

  • s

Abbas, 30 Jul 2012Can anyone tell if this phone supports live wallpapers? yes

  • duri

Can I root the phone

  • bauza

Why everytime when i trie to play some games its gonna pause it every half minute,i cant play any game without this problem

  • AnonD-73158

you have to input the setting for your isp to be able to get on the net I have done this and it works fine My problem is the lack of internal memeory can someone help

  • Naddu

AnonD-72852, 22 Sep 2012I'm quite satisfied with my Tweaked Y200, i can play mid-end gam... moreHow to tweak my y200, please method post.

  • Mister

I can't get my y200 on the internet, is there some hidden trick to it. If someone can help that would be great. I can surf with wi-fi OK. Even the salesman from Dick Smith could not work out what is wrong.

  • friend

devil, 20 Sep 2012I was planning to buy the same but heard that it pauses game or ... moreu r rite bro, developors must solve this issue...