Huawei Ascend Y320

Huawei Ascend Y320

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  • zuriotz47

My first android phone, nostalgia.

My first Huawei phone.. now I'm using nova 3i and honor 8x

My first android phone, I remember when this was pure innovation and technology, 4 inches screen was amazing, the camera was the only thing I did hate, but besides the camera the phone was excellent.

  • Haseeb

Problem in start up.

  • Onthego

Tough as nails. keep dropping it, bumping it. Battery last really well. Not a high spec phone but the calls are clearer then my high end Samsung. Owned 3 years.

  • andy

Optus australia said it wont support ,on its 3g network,after aug2017,any fixs to mod it up,only 2g mode

  • shev

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2016What can be done if camera stops connecting?Switch off phone remove battery and let it rest for a while. Then turn it back on.(I had the same problem)

  • AnonD-626879

even after 3 years the mobile works well, it simply slows down, no real problem as such,
it's camera is not that good since it is only 2mp..

conclusion: AVERAGE SMARTPHONE in my opinion,

  • Jose sharks

my Huawei y320 can't connect to camera ???kindly advice me…

  • Anyinature

To get the password for this file.

Kindly request for it at or get the latest Huawei y320-u30 firmware there.

  • Kelvin_tall

Its a good phone but it's camera got problems

  • Anonymous

pedeshee, 03 Jun 2016A gud my camera isnt responding at all.What can i do, my huawei Y320 say cant connect to camera

  • chicken joe

pedeshee, 03 Jun 2016A gud my camera isnt responding at all.It's because of heart some times if you open the phone you find the camera contact is not in position because of heart

  • pedeshee

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2016What can be done if camera stops connecting?A gud my camera isnt responding at all.

  • Jem

My first smartphone and believe me it was amazing until it was stolen

  • Anonymous

What can be done if camera stops connecting?

  • Cyrus

Very useful and reliable low-end device.
I used it since 2013 and hadn't face seroius
Just two things that I want to know-
(1)Why doesn't google playstore app work in
this device?
(2)Why does the facebook slow and sometime
stop suddenly?

  • elvy

Such a bad phone...sooooooooo bad....always freezing. too much ads...
Poor camera

  • Jayman

After few days of using my phone, something wrong with the phone only a word Huawei appear in the screen

  • NIM

This is a very very bad fone.
Touch is not working sometime.
Internet not working sometime.
Memory card not working sometime.
Please don't buy this. Lost youre money.