Huawei Ascend Y530

Huawei Ascend Y530

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  • Evil crash bandicoot

I had this phone still working good

  • Elias

what will happen if i update the phone and what would i do to update this phone

  • noone

i bought in 2015 and still works good .

  • Zebra One

I got my Y530 in 2015. I'm really pleased with it. It's operated pretty much flawlessly and it's gone everywhere with me, I've taken it camping and travelling, and in some pretty harsh environments, no problems. It's been a wonderful phone. I even turned down a newer Samsung (even though I like that brand and have had one before) in favour of keeping the Huawei.
I thought we'd be together forever (lol joke) but I just got given a new iPhone (in 2020) and I'm having trouble getting the data from old to new phone. "Unfortunately, iOS has stopped". If anyone has any ideas beyond fiddling with airplane/wifi modes, turning things on and off, or clearing data and caches, please post it here.

  • Lukas

Bubbles, 10 Oct 2014Go to settings/ device/ more/ storage/ change "default... moreMy camera doesnt work. it keeps saying
'unfortunately, Gallery has stopped". how can I fix the problem please
phone huawei y530_u

I once had the iPhone 4 with 32GB internal memory, and after 4 years, (2014) inadvertently dipped it in a cup of tea, but fortunately saved my data to iTunes. I wanted a useable phone, so I purchased a (locked to Telstra) Huawei Ascend Y530 with a prepay SIM, for A$130.00. Managed to get good use of the camera, and discovered that, unlike the iPhone, you could insert an SD card, and move all of your pictures and video (as well as data) to it. A very good basic phone, and still works well with a conscious dedication to remove data from the (small) internal memory to the external SD card on a regular basis.

  • Merme

Bought this phone 2015, its good, battery life no complains but the ram is too small so for bigger tasks consider the latest versions.

Its still working perfectly though in 2018.


Think about buying Huawei Y530.Better not.This phone was very good at 2014.But in newer days this is piece of junk.Becomes slow after time.Need to reset.Cant install Custom ROM.Bad phone very bad.

  • Anonymous

I like this phone, but don't buy it in 2017

  • LaggBCEF

Mostly junk.
No RAM, and the transmitters degrade to the point of uselessness.
You can be in arms reach of the access point, and it will still say "Not in range".
The battery life is good.

  • AnonD-290712

Ok for calls, texts and small apps. Tried downloading a film and it kept losing connection, then I tried sending the same film from my Nexus 5 via Bluetooth and it cut off halfway through a very slow transfer. The internal storage is unacceptable and can be complicated to work out exactly how much you have available. The UI is generally smooth but crashes every so often. Can play 720hd fine but no picture on 1080hd just sound. Basically it's good for internet radio (also has FM with headphones plugged in), I use tunein radio and no problems. Just use this phone as a phone and light tasks and you will be fine. The chipset is budget so don't expect miracles.

  • Anonymous

All of you guys who are bashing on this phone, please take into consideration that it was designed to be an entry level android device BACK IN EARLY 2014!

This model was designed to be a budget device, and for a budget device it sure packed a lot of features back then. The performance and hardware were subpar always, but it had amazing bang for your buck factor for a while.

I still have mine, bought it soon after it was released. It is still serviceable for basic tasks, and it hasn't failed me once. The battery survives for about 12h of moderate usage, but it used to live much longer only a year ago. I dropped it and scratched it and hit it enough to break 3 phones, it got splashed by water, it is full of dust... It survived torture, but it's still alive and without faults somehow.

But yes, don't buy this in 2017. There were better options even when it was released, let alone now.

  • Anonymous

am3, 29 Sep 2016do I need to root,CWM recovery & unlock boot loader to... moreTurn off about out setting all others

  • T mukosha

The ram is too small hence games are incopatible

  • Dex

absolute piece of rubbish. could barely run apps like Youtube and Snapchat and couldn´t even start a simple game like Candy Crush Saga! Battery worked great for about two months, then deteriorated very quickly. Although easy to use when it worked, it didn´t last even six months. just a waste of money

  • aet

Using this phone since 1 year. To be frank this phone, sucks like hell. Please dont buy this product and waste your money. Poor battery, poor camera, por ram ...

  • Anonymous

If you think about buying this: better buy a used iPhon 5(c). Worlds faster.

  • AnonD-334562

y530 much better allrounder phone than Nokia 3310 with no battery stamania included :)

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-609287

It has very low RAM and different android version