Huawei brings Moovit app to AppGallery

Yordan, 08 October 2020

Huawei keeps scoring small victories in the big quest of bringing AppGallery up to speed and making it a worthy alternative to the Google Play Store.

The company just announced that Moovit, one of the biggest urban mobility apps, can finally be downloaded from the its in-house app store, providing an urban mobility solution to its users.

Huawei brings Moovit app to AppGallery

Moovit is an Israel-based service provider and also acts as a journey planner. The platform essentially gathers API frameworks from public transport companies worldwide and provides real-time stop-by-stop navigation, where available.

Over 865 million people from 3200 cities in 106 countries have used the application that offers commute options such as bus, metro, train, bikes, e-scooters, car-sharing and ride-hailing.

Huawei brings Moovit app to AppGallery

The app is already available on Huawei AppGallery, but it can also be accessed via your web browser at The company say it has customized its web interface for Huawei’s own browser, but it can be accessed on virtually any device.

Moovit’s power comes from its huge library of public transport data and a massive army of 700,000 local volunteers, acting as editors, helping with changes at a local scale. With the help of Huawei AppGallery, Moovit will be available in at least 100 countries in 45 languages.

Previously Huawei also welcomed HERE WeGo, TomTomGo, and Sygic on its virtual store shelves, giving those who wish to stick with its phones through these turbulent times a decent selection.


Reader comments

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

The rate Huawei obtains apps for their store is far better than Microsoft, I am starting to think its simply easy for most app developers to make it work, either disable the apps need for GMS or have it fallback to HMS if no GMS is present... c:

Soon or later Huawei App galery becomes better than google play store mark my words. As Huawei is still top selling company among the cell phones they will become top shop among the phone apps.

This app is great using it for several years and still i am surprised how good it is.

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