Huawei supposedly confirmed as the next Nexus phone maker

04 March, 2015

Kevin Yang, the Director of China Research at iSuppli, has shared on his Weibo account that Huawei is indeed chosen by Google as one of the makers of the next Nexus smartphone. While the information isn't backed up by any evidence, it comes from a reputable source, as iSuppli is one of the largest mobile analytics companies around.


A previous rumor, also originating from Weibo, but with an anonymous source, suggested that Google and Huawei have a deal for a Nexus smartphone, but the cheaper of two Nexus options in 2015. The more high-end Nexus smartphone will be made by LG and it's quite likely going to be an LG G4 variation of some sort.

We can only guess that if Google opts for Huawei made Nexus smartphone, this will elevate Huawei and its proprietary Kirin chipset to a really good position in the developer's community.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-374338

Hoping that a 2015 Nexus 7 is based off of the new MediaPad X2. Would love a 7" smartphone.

  • light

me too.

  • AnonD-278667

Goooood more LG success.proves that once again LG means quality and disign with affordable price.

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