Huawei Enjoy 20 SE

Huawei Enjoy 20 SE

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  • AnonD-1011523

Anonymous, 24 Dec 2020And 2022 :DWdym 2022

I am a fan of Nokia and I also live Samsung. Buy some people can be funny in some comment session, you will just find them coming under any phone model and make useless comment by condemning phone that they have not even bought or used. Its funny! Some have not even bought this phone to use, just seeing the specs, they will start complaining and condemning to discourage others from buying and using it. Bunch of idol and lax folks.

  • Rafie

Always time , huawei design is bad and not same the old version devices , and without identification as usual , it's remembered me to toyota and other asian company low quality economy cars , when launched new generation is not relationship with policy company on the targets on the identification .

I feel phone is mixed between xiaomi or samsung from front and (i don't know what is this) maybe samsung note with many parts sharped (ancient styles)

  • Anonymous

Highlander1978, 23 Dec 2020Also P Smart 2021 :DAnd 2022 :D

CZarcaZm7, 23 Dec 2020Renamed Huawei Y7AAlso P Smart 2021 :D

  • Noor

Not this phone for Gamer only daily small use

Renamed Huawei Y7A