Huawei Enjoy 6s

Huawei Enjoy 6s

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  • Ivan3342

Min Arie, 26 Jul 2018Where can I get a screen replacement for my Huawei Enjoy 6sI think you could get one from AliExpress, it depends where you live.

  • Naseer Ahmad

My Huawei Enjoy 6s charge stuck at some percentage or the charge increases by 1% in one hour. What could be the problem?

  • Min Arie

Where can I get a screen replacement for my Huawei Enjoy 6s

  • Anonymous

Any gorilla glass

Good. Thank you. I was looking for this one the last 2 weeks.

  • cyberspy

Is it upgradable to emui 5.0 (Nougat)

  • sumi

what about SAR value

  • tspp01

huawei nova smart ecelent phone four price, : )

  • Ebbos

Also known as huawei p9 lite smart in latam.

  • Dudu

AnonD-654322, 11 Apr 2017Redmi 4a or thisI don't know about Redmi, but this Huawei (named: Nova Smart here in Europe) is really briliant. It was only 200EUR and I really satisfied with it. (somewhen admin will accept and post my detailed review)

  • Dudu

It was a replacement phone after an only used for one week G**g** phone.

At first Nova smart is beautiful, lightweight, slim, very handy phone. 5" is ideal for my (man) hand, 5.2" or bigger screens feels too big for one hand operations. The battery cover is metal and don't slip like new glass covered phones. Fingerprint sensor quick and a huge improvement if phone contains sensitive messages :). The phone never hang, the user interface well improved over standard Android (check free skins by Huawei). Display colors are alive. With normal use, phone usable for two days, with really light use maybe for three days.

This phone were designed and tested by people who really use mobile phones, just some examples; when screen is locked there is an auxiliary menu with flashlight, calculator, camera. During phone call there is a small icon set on the screen with voice recorder, notepad, contacts. The camera flashlight spreads the light well, on some other phones e.g. on my dropped out G**g** phone the center was too shiny and edge too dark so I cannot take quick, readable photos about invoices, papers with flashlight. Physical buttons have strong springs and good design to avoid pocket releases. Nova Smart was a really good choice.

Few negatives was found:

- SD card use one of the slot of SIM cards. Because of I need two SIMs (private+company) I cannot use SD card in this model. At the other side 16GB is ok for a business phone. If somebody feel it is few there is the Nova with 32GB.

- Two nanoSIM places, no microSIM > scissor aided me, but not comfortable

- Internal storage accessible only across Huawei Management software. Why folders are not accessible directly via USB ?

- No screen protector or headset in the package. At least a screen protector could be a nice gesture

  • AnonD-669966

When is this hot guy coming to Sri Lanka????

  • AnonD-654322

strava, 11 Feb 2017strava app does not work in huawei and honor phones dont bu... moreWho cares about strava

  • AnonD-654322

Redmi 4a or this

  • strava

strava app does not work in huawei and honor phones dont buy crap like huawei or honor

  • AnonD-441601

phone is overprices as its processor is too slow for a 250 eur phone.
Dont be blamed by its specs.
Tired turtle on pension is faster than snapdragon 435 :-)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-626430, 30 Dec 2016What is it price250 euros

  • AnonD-626430

What is it price

  • ct

mamad, 07 Dec 2016ram : 2GB or 3GB ?Best

  • waseem

looking good,But price is too much according to specifications.