Huawei Finland will replace Mate 20 Pro handsets with faulty screens

Unless you've been offline the last few days, chances are you've come across the Huawei Mate 20 Pro green-ish screens debacle. And for now, the only semi-official statement on the matter comes from Huawei's UK community forum manager. But today, Huawei Finland's Director of Marketing and Communications spoke of the issue.

We are investigating for a long time why a small part of phones have been green in some countries. In Finland, consumers get a new phone without charge if they have a faulty display.

So it seems that Huawei Finland is taking responsibility and will accept devices with the faulty screen for replacement.

Additionally, a Mate 20 Pro owner posted a reassuring answer in the Huawei UK community forum saying that he visited the support branch in the country and spoke to the staff there. They said they are aware of the issue and will replace the faulty devices with no questions asked. He also warned that if other service centers want to repair your device, you should decline and demand a replacement, it's your right to do so.

We hope the issue gets officially resolved soon, since many customers are currently left to hang in limbo.

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You mean Huawei recycle the display?