Huawei FreeClip in for review

Yordan, 22 December 2023

Huawei introduced the FreeClip true wireless earphones at the start of the month and now we get a pair of these audio wearables for a review.

The product was announced in two colors - Purple or Black and we got the latter. It's certainly the less exciting version, but also far less demanding when it comes to matching with your clothing.

Huawei FreeClip in for review

The buds have a unique design, that much is certain. What surprised us was the great fit over the curvature of the human ear and how light and unintrusive they are. It took us some time to actually learn how to put them on properly, but once the habit is there, using the FreeClip is effortless.

The clip consists of three parts - Comfort Bean, which sits behind the ear, the C-bridge that goes around the ear, and the Acoustic Ball, which is where the sound comes from. Every part of this ensemble is touch-sensitive and works just like any other audio wearable.

Huawei FreeClip in for review

The wearables connect via Bluetooth, but we had to install the AI Life app from the AppGallery. While not mandatory the app lets you customize the sound output and touch gestures.

Huawei proudly announced the FreeClip is the first open-ear audio accessory that does not distinguish between left or right ear - the design is the same, and therefore, it works equally well on either ear; the buds can also be placed in the case in any order.

Huawei FreeClip in for review

We are already working on the review, and for now, the results seem promising. We will have a final verdict before the end of the year, so stay around!


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