Huawei G6609

Huawei G6609

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  • AnonD-573493

Has anyone that has this phone ever noticed that there songs are disappearing from the memory card every so often?
They can find them once they connect the photo to a computer via usb cable. Then they are back then the songs disappear again.

  • Anonymous

it is 5MP camera

  • Daniel

God phone, how can i see, the letter more bigger. I Need new software or What? Whatssap dont have funtionality in tris.

  • cephas

my huawei g6609 cant support whatsapp and mp4 videos,i love this phone

  • Tennyson

Failing to download Whattsup....does it suport whatssup in any sense? pleaz help


dongo, 27 Nov 2014am failing to download whatsapphow can i istall whatsapp in my huawei g6609 , i love thise phone help me

  • Carlos Khalapo

I have a Huawei G6609 which is fully functional except that each time I try to listen to the radio all I get is some awful sound like the one u get when you are on a wrong frequency or something. Please help, I so much love this hand set I can't take losing it

  • whatsapp

AnonD-161911, 04 Jul 2013am having difficulties in downloading whatsApp on my G6609,does ... more instal whatsapp

  • dongo

am failing to download whatsapp

  • Anonymous

I have one G6609. I don't have any problem with it but my phone is only failling to download whatApp.

  • Godwin

satinox, 02 Jan 2014my handset g6609 keypads are not working. they have just stopped... morei need this phone because i have one but just developed a screen problem. am in zambia at chirundu border post

  • tshibal

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2014does it support watsaap??????whatsup

  • Anonymous

does it support watsaap??????

  • satinox

my handset g6609 keypads are not working. they have just stopped so please assist!

  • Anonymous

ZooLeee, 15 Dec 2012I just bougth one of this phone, and i have a problem: my phone... moretry to reset the device

  • alexgenius

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2013do u need a data plancan anyone pass me the unlock code for this is running on one service provider i want to b able to change simcards of different seRvice providErs

  • AnonD-161911

am having difficulties in downloading whatsApp on my G6609,does it support whatsApp?please help me to how to install whatsApp on my phone.any help would assist xank u all!

  • Anonymous

tudorvioreljr, 05 Jun 2012It is a pretty good phone, nothing too fancy. Dual SIM ok, they ... moreSettings in Huawei G6609 to sync contacts with Google account (SyncML-standard):
Username: [Google-user name]
Password: [Google-password]
name of database: contacts

  • Mano

What operating System does it use and what GPU does it have and whats the prossessing speed?

  • Jbeltrax

Which is the operative system?