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  • RanaMD
  • 6Q4
  • 08 Jan 2024

Master , 02 Jun 2023Why my network on it doesn't work Whats your battery timing?

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    • Master
    • X5u
    • 02 Jun 2023

    Why my network on it doesn't work

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      • ANS
      • D76
      • 29 Apr 2022

      MehdiJavadi, 02 Apr 2022The last Official Android for G8 is 6.0.1, so did anybody u... moreI Recommend to Stay With the Official Release Even If Its Old. Until Now Android 6" Is An Powerful And Operative System For Your Phone, Smooth And Runs Applications Well. For Me I Don't Run After the Madness of Everything New And Security Updates On Android. Security Depends On Your Usage Through Things. If You Use Official And Verified Apps With Browsing Known And Safe Sites Everything Will Be Aright.

        The last Official Android for G8 is 6.0.1, so did anybody upgrade with unofficial Android firmware?
        Please guide me step by step.

        Thanks in Advance.

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          • Chacal y Yakarta
          • khZ
          • 27 Mar 2022

          Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021Hi, please I don't understand what you meant by using ... moreHe meant if the phone is Chinese you need a translated app to know what are day saying

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            • Hanrietta
            • sxr
            • 22 Dec 2021

            I have been using Huawei G8 for 3 years now and the only problem was that its so fast to be low battery and i have 3gb/32gb so you will need a higher capacity memory card or a cloud storage because apps and pictures will make your phone full in no time and if your phone is showing signs of lag or enlarged battery mine was both and the screen was separating from the phone itself you need to replace it immediately because old phones like mine will stop working and unusable if you dont repair it mine was heating too and in 1 hour my battery percentage will be back to 0%. Lastly, old phones like this will not be sold in a high price

              • G
              • Gordon
              • p7A
              • 25 Oct 2021

              This phone is absolutely a fast phone I play Minecraft PE and do some tasks the same time using split screen and still get about 130 fps, I know there are better gaming phone's than this that are good I am just saying this gives more value to price and is one of the best phone's I've had, I recommend it to everyone and about the play store I have it since it came out for other Huawei phones it might not but this one has play store and all Google apps irrespectively all good features only prob is that no more updates for OS after android 7. It kinds looks like a iphone 12 pro max which has flat edges and this phone looks kinda similar only camera and. Screen looks a bit of iphone, I changed the screen for about 20 dollars and got it replaced for a super-amoled screen which is a iphone 12 screen and it was the same size now only if u see the back of the phone can you say its not a iphone. Amazing battery life too recommend 😉😉🙂

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                • Anonymous
                • XBJ
                • 13 Oct 2021

                C-muzo, 16 Sep 2021i have been using this phone for the past 3 years and i can... moreHi, please I don't understand what you meant by using another phone to translate from Chinese to English. Could you explain more. Thanks

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                  • C-muzo
                  • fu%
                  • 16 Sep 2021

                  i have been using this phone for the past 3 years and i can highly recommend it to anyone. in terms of google play-store its available. if your having with the chinese vision just use google translator app on the other phone to change language.

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                    • nat
                    • CGH
                    • 11 Sep 2021

                    pls how do i reset from china language to enghlish and pls where can i find the google play store

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                      • Jrry
                      • XBA
                      • 18 May 2021

                      plz how to i get my huawei g8 erecovery. (emui) fix. it'z says downlown lastest version and recovery. but it's always fail to recovery and my phone is being stuck. plz help

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                        • Someone
                        • r3a
                        • 24 Mar 2021

                        Daddy, 19 Mar 2021My g8 shows an internal memory of 64 GB and 4 GB ram but th... moreThat version you have is the chinese version

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                          • Daddy
                          • r3H
                          • 19 Mar 2021

                          My g8 shows an internal memory of 64 GB and 4 GB ram but the internal memory shows up in another place as 16 gb

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                            • Anonymous
                            • frW
                            • 04 Mar 2021

                            phone getting slow how do i clear things for memory boosting

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                              • Anonymous
                              • fmZ
                              • 25 Dec 2020

                              How do I remove my password, when I try it says deactivated by administrator, please help out

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                                • Henri
                                • r3H
                                • 25 Sep 2020

                                Pls how can I upgrade my huawei Rio l00

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                                  • Chief
                                  • Rn5
                                  • 12 Aug 2020

                                  Kwadwo, 19 Jul 2020My Huawei G8 has internal memory of 2Gb. I am not able to d... moreNthn..go to factory reset under settings menu, and click on the erase all data then hit the reset button. Tht shld resolve yo memory issue. Bt u lose all yo data make sure to backup an important data

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                                    • Kwadwo
                                    • CGH
                                    • 19 Jul 2020

                                    My Huawei G8 has internal memory of 2Gb. I am not able to download apps and videos. Please what is wrong with it

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                                      • Huzaifa
                                      • X}$
                                      • 10 May 2020

                                      Yeep, 24 Apr 2020Yes, my phone got splash by salt water when im going to fis... moreMine G8 survived weight of a car i was going on my bike and it slipped from my pocket and a car tyre fully went over it. But still ok still working normally just one single line on screen. Durability 100

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                                        • phillip
                                        • r3H
                                        • 06 May 2020

                                        Shajahan, 22 Sep 2019Still using G8 and battering draining so fast, you can try ... moreusing G8 presently and i'm enjoying it but the battery is draining very fast and that is the only challenge