Huawei Honor Note 10 shows off its Kirin 970 on Geekbench

Ivan, 09 July 2018

Earlier today Huawei teased that it's getting closer to unveiling the Honor Note 10 so it was only logical that it would show up on a benchmarking website, such as Geekbench sooner rather than later.

The phone, codenamed HUAWEI RVL-AL09 is most likely the Honor Note 10 as it's codenamed Ravel.

The system information in the benchmark run reveals the software is Android 8.1 and that the RAM is 6GB. The processor listed has 8 cores and its base clock is 1.84GHz. This is the Kirin 970 inside the Honor 10.

All that is left now is for Huawei to announce the 6.9-inch phablet.

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Reader comments

Well thats a good idea. Or maybe a Pfister 811 edition. The fastest car in GTA 5 available to buy :-)

One could expect Kirin to resemble a Citroën 2CV :D

Shall we expect Huawei Honor 10 Note Buggatti Chiron edition :-)

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