Huawei insiders refute rumors that the Mate X launch will be pushed to September

Peter, 22 April 2019

An unconfirmed report that Huawei is delaying the launch of the Mate X surfaced earlier today. However, new info (Chinese site Phoenix Technology quoting Huawei insiders) refutes those claims, saying that the foldable phone is on track to launch in June.

The initial report pointed to Samsung delaying the launch of the Galaxy Fold in several markets along with alleged issues with the BOE-made display on the Huawei (the display on the Galaxy is Samsung-made) as reasons for Huawei to push the launch back to September, supposedly to run more tests.

The Huawei Mate X uses a different folding mechanism (which the company claims is more mature) and the sources say it doesnít suffer from the same issues as the Samsung design.

Note that Huawei hasnít made any official comment about a delay yet.

Source 1 | Source 2 (in Chinese)


Reader comments

waiting review,after then consider want to buy or not :D

  • Anonymous

Aw I was looking foward to buying a Mate X. Man..Samsung is making me wait now..

Good decision waiting for the phone to be ready before selling it, not like another beta breaking version smartphone :-)