Huawei is now offering financial incentives for e-business that join AppGallery

Yordan, 15 December 2020

Huawei is really pushing to make its own app store called AppGallery more attractive, and the latest step is targeted at e-businesses and app developers. The company has announced the launch of new promotion tools, optimized Ads Kit and will give a bigger pie of the ad revenue to developers than other platforms.

In a press release, Huawei announced that app owners will receive up to 90% of ad revenue, compared with 70% - that’s what Apple gives to its developers. There will be three tiers of packages - first is for companies yet to be introduced to AppGallery and HMS, the second is for apps that are on the store but need deeper integration within the mobile services, and the third is for already signed up big names like Bolt Food, department stores, takeaway portals.

Huawei jumps in to help e-businesses and app developers with offers on AppGallery

The whole integration kit is quite simple, Huawei said. It takes 15 minutes to fill an application, a day to receive approval, and three days to completely integrate any app within the HMS universe. There are also promos for those who decide to join - 5 to 10-day free advertising that usually costs up to €250 per day, access to push notifications, and extra positions throughout the AppGallery store.

While this is clearly a message mostly aimed at developers, we are glad to see that Huawei is doing extra steps to expand its ecosystem and make it more useful. The chances the United States to mellow and to allow Google to work with Huawei are slim at the moment, so upgrades to the HMS is the next best thing for Huawei fans and customers.


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So sorry about the unfortunate bugs possibly with time all would work fine with less troubles. But is your phone a Global or Chinese version? Mine is Global ELS-NX9 so if it's Chinese version it may not run well with the associate bugs. Good luc...

Hmm life isn't normal we all accept it and navigate with it either good or bad!! I got your points very well but handful of commenters are not using Huawei only raising unnecessary points.

So i tested out the AppGallery...its getting there....but they need more english 3 months i think everyone should give it a try to see the improvements.

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