Huawei join the Android gang, the handset coming at MWC 2009

22 Jan, 2009

It seems to be the year of the robot according to Chinese manufacturers. Huawei announced that it will present an Android based phone at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Unfortunately there is no info about the specifications of the device, except for the fact that it’s “based on ‘one’ single UMTS chipset”. We guess this is just a needlessly fancy way of saying it will support 3G but that is basically all we've got. We will have to wait for the start of the congress and see.

Some of the other new products that Huawei is going to introduce at the MWC 2009 include the world's first commercial HSPA+ Stick, the world's smallest Wireless Modem and the latest wireless digital photo display.

Rumor has it that Lenovo's Android-based OPhone is also coming somewhere in this quarter. Recently we also stumbled upon a strange knock-off of the indefinitely delayed Kogan Agora phone. The next to join the Android party are HTC (well actually T-mobile G1 is HTC-made but that doesn't count), Sony Ericsson and Samsung with plans of releasing an Android phone this year. Oh yeah and there’s a new Terminator movie coming. Don’t you just love this new calendar?


Reader comments

  • anon

What!?!?!? The iPhone's terrible! Even when it was released the hardware was nothing special, now there are no major improvements to the gaping gaps in its capabilities with the sole exception of 3G! The user interface isn't even that pretty... to be...

  • Ravi Kumar

but still none other copycats beated in user interace & operating system :)

  • Anonymous

iPhone is still the best!

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