Huawei looking to enter the PC and monitor markets

Ro, 22 September 2020

Perhaps it's the US ban, perhaps it's Xiaomi's push in the PC monitors market. Either way, a reliable source claims that Huawei is looking to enter the said market as well as the PC market. The brand of monitors would use flat and curved displays.

Huawei looking to enter the PC and monitor markets

The alleged curved displays will be sourced by TPV Technology while the flat ones will be made by BOEVT, a subsidiary company of BOE. The curved ones will surely fall into the gaming segment and come in 27 and 34-inch flavors while the flat ones will be up to three models. No specifics have been given about the BOE-made flat monitors, though.

Additionally, a rumor has been going around that the company will enter the PC market as well. Built around its custom HiSilicon 7nm Kunpeng 920 3211K processor, the first Huawei PC will use UOS - a Chinese operating system developed by China Electronics Group and Wuhan ShenZhiDuo Technology. The PC itself will be manufactured by Foxconn and the first batch will go to some of Huawei's corporate clients.

Source (in Chinese)


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 27 Sep 2020
  • HjY

You don't need Windows for any laptop; it is YOUR choice. Been using Ubuntu for a long time now, currently the latest version, and working just perfectly.

the less american products the better. laptop without windows... i want!!! and a harmony phone.

  • Chanzi
  • 23 Sep 2020
  • KIv

All matters on the price tag of the equipment's...... if the prices were lower than others then definitely the people will try these products......

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