Huawei Mate 30 5G

Huawei Mate 30 5G

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  • Anonymous

How could i but this phone? Like 3.5mm and ir plaster and face id with 27 watt wireless charging and 5g !! Is this a dream?

Is their any Trusted sites to buy?

  • Dometalican

(posted stuff like this on the comment sections of the Mate 20X 5G version and Mate 30 Pro 5G version for what their successors should have) The upcoming Mate 40 (I think) should come with this:

6.8" Full HD+ OLED flat panel with 90Hz refresh rate; HDR10+
Kirin 1020 with advanced cooling system that protects the battery and processor
More LTE bands (13,25,29,71) and 5G bands (5,66,71)
IP53 (it won't get more than that)

8GB RAM/128GB ROM and 8GB RAM/256GB ROM versions with LDDRP5/UFS 3.1
NM expanded memory (as much as I want MicroSD, Huawei's never gonna do it)

Stereo Speakers (both top and bottom)
Headphone jack with 32-bit DAC
Bluetooth 5.2 with all of the Bluetooth features (AptX, etc for future-proof...iness)

2,250mAH x2 Batteries with 40W wired charge and 27W wireless/reverse wireless charging

50MP 4-1 Pixel binned main camera (per rumors that Huawei is working on one)
40MP Wide angle cam
13MP Telephoto cam (saving the periscope for the Pro)

24MP selfie cam with ToF sensor for facial recognition and added detail.

Either Side fingerprint reader or more advanced in-display fingerprint reader
IR Blaster
USB 3.1
All GPS profiles
Method to interchange Wifi with 5G and 4G with zero latency so gaming is virtually never interrupted
VoLTE and VoWifi

I can imagine all this for $850 starting and it would FLOOR other 5G phones in this price range. Make it happen Huawei.

  • Anonymous

are you sure it has stereo speakers

  • Dometalican

Noib, 19 Sep 2019No jack, oled flickeering, no fingerprint on back, ugly wid... moreThis thing has a headphone jack dude. What are you reading?

osang, 27 Oct 2019Nothing to see, and without Android apps, it's another phon... moreAndroid apps mean little to the over 1 billion Chinese market where this phone in intended; eventually, every nation - with a sizable market - will have to discuss with Google to make their Chinese-made phones accept Google apps. This scenario absolves Huawei of any responsibility.

lionel, 07 Feb 2020The ARCore web page have no huawei phone even some has 3D ... moreWhile I agree with you, you've got to understand that Huawei made this phone primarily for the 1 billion people Chinese market - where Google Apps mean little; I'm sure they have their local certifications that makes phones like these suit them. However, this places a huge responsibility on China (and Huawei) to begin creating Certifications that has global reach; certifications that rival or better the ARCore Certification. What America has just been doing is hasten its irrelevance to a vast majority of the world; this is unfortunate and sad.

  • lionel

The ARCore web page have no huawei phone even some has 3D TOF camera !
The Huawei Mate 30 5G has Tof Camera ( search using free text in gsmarena finder) !!
So not only USA goverment but also goggle seem against huawei.
Qualcomm ( Snapdragon / Adreno ) , Samsung ( exynos/mali ) and Huawei ( Hisilicon Kirin/mali ) can create their own hardware base on ARM licence but ARcore certification apply most of the case for android 9.0 phone with Snapdragon 855/855+ or Exynos/mali hardware ! The only exotic CPI/GPU supported by ARCore is the Oppo F11 Pro ( MEdiatek6771 Helio P70 Mali G72 android 9 depth sensor ) . So no official certification validation of Huawei phone or phone with mediatek Helio G90 or G90T !
It is not fair..

Nothing to see, and without Android apps, it's another phone with a camera.

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019IP53? In 2019? At a flagship? Is this supposed to be a joke?Better than what the OnePlus officially has...which is no rating at all.

Same with the ROG 2, Zenfone 6, and Black Shark 2. Get a grip.

  • flower

robdevil XI, 28 Sep 2019I found water resistance absolutely not must be in my Asus ... moreon the other side, once there was a heavy rain outside. I could't use my phone under the rain. but a friend of mine has galaxy S9 and he had no problems.
then I understood, that water protection is not for showers only, but for possibility to use your phone anyway

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019IP53? In 2019? At a flagship? Is this supposed to be a joke?I found water resistance absolutely not must be in my Asus Rog. Honestly. How many people taking shower or bath with phone submerged? It's just marketing catch.

  • dincibro

And no Wifi AX what a shame

  • Anonymous

i like non curved screen .this is great but why they put low resultion not 1p 68 at this 2019 not fair

  • Anonymous

IP53? In 2019? At a flagship? Is this supposed to be a joke?

  • Anonymous

Richard, 20 Sep 2019The screen is too narrow, I need 80+mm WIDTHthis is even bigger all samsung fones have just narrow boring screen so called note is nothing screen very narrow

  • Roy

Richard, 20 Sep 2019The screen is too narrow, I need 80+mm WIDTHSame here man, all narrow :(

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Yonef, 19 Sep 2019I don't think this phone can make it to west of China witho... moreIt will be at a disadvantage, the normies will not buy it due to fear. The smart ones will and simply install Google Play & Services like they usually do...

when is the release date?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

777, 19 Sep 2019How on earth r these Huawei devices supposed to be realisti... moreOption A: Side-load the app from a 3rd party / Option B: Use some other services...

  • Richard

The screen is too narrow, I need 80+mm WIDTH