Huawei Mate 30 Lite

Huawei Mate 30 Lite

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  • Anonymous

I never knew the Mate 30 lite got cancelled.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2020Use huawei mate 40 lite instead And I told Huawei Mate 3... morethere is no Huawei mate 40 lite

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2020and also huawei maimang 8 pro! this is worse than huawei ma... moreUse huawei mate 40 lite instead

And I told Huawei Mate 30 lite it is 5G

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2020This phone is EXTREMELY dirty Reason of cancellation: Fo... moreand also huawei maimang 8 pro! this is worse than huawei maimang 8 and 7!

  • Anonymous

This phone is EXTREMELY dirty

Reason of cancellation: Forget the triple lens camera

  • Anonymous

Cancelled because it is a 90% copy of Huawei Nova 5z

  • Wanted a Mate 30 Lit

How about Huawei and Google (Android) - when will the Android van be oder, anyone know something?

  • Anonymous

Fahad, 20 Sep 2019When this will be officially announced ? No

  • JACK

Its to bad. why huwaie used Ltps screen.instead of that better to go for amoled are super amoled screen that to price is to high for huwaie mate 30 lite

  • Martin

comparing to Mate 20 Lite, we can't make bokeh on selfie?

  • Anonymous

is mate 30 come to europe or nit?????

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019u r right reminds me ugly design of motorola rear phones ... moreI saw Nokia 5.2 & 7.2. Yike... Not a fan of circular camera or horizontal camera alignment. All I want is cube and vertical camera alignment. Nokia 9 PureView has rear 7-hole camera that looks like circular, it's not that bad, it's still nice and expensive handset. X71 is amazing and awesome.

  • Anonymous

Hi. Do we know if this phone will be available internationally at all? Or now that they have launched the Mate 30 there is no hope for this one?

  • aubykddi

Back looks like the Mate 20

  • Dylan

No, 22 Sep 2019400 euros without gorrilla glassDude, every phone has corning gorilla glass. You're like the 100th person i'm telling this in the last month. Without CGG, the phone would be weak af. Just because it isn't mentioned, doesn't mean it's not on there.

  • AnonD-832645

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2019Why as for today (September 22) there is NO videos of Mate ... morebecause basically Its same device as Nova 5i pro.

  • mastercrisneitor

why theres not such video of mate 30 lite trial., i should be able to watch some of that since mate 30 and pro have been released just now!

  • Anonymous

is the same that the nova 5i pro (290 euros)

  • No

400 euros without gorrilla glass

  • Universe

roughly 400 euros? ..... hahahahaha.. what's the point tho?