Huawei Mate 40 Pro is ready to roll out in Europe, here are the prices and pre-order perks

Peter, 03 November 2020

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro is ready to start rolling out across Europe later this month and the launch in Russia is paired with a pretty aggressive deal – the phone will cost RUB 90,000 during the pre-order period between November 10 and 19th and it comes with a free pair of FreeBuds Pro.

To put things in perspective, the Russian price works out to around €970, well below the €1,200 price tag in mainland Europe. And that TWS headset costs €180 in Germany, so it’s not a small perk.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro is ready to roll out in Europe, here are the prices and pre-order perks

Speaking of Germany, the Mate 40 Pro does cost €1,200 there and will start shipping on the 13th. There’s a pre-order deal for it too, a free Huawei Sound X. That’s a €350 smart speaker, which was co-developed with French audio firm Devialet.

Brits are also getting the Sound X if they pre-order the phone at £1,100. Huawei will start sending out the first units on the 13th.

In France, the deal is FreeBuds Pro plus a wallet case for the phone as freebies (shipping starts November 12). The price in Italy is a tad higher, €1,220 after a €30 coupon, and you can also get the FreeBuds Pro, though without the case (the Black model is already shipping, the Silver one is coming in 3 days).


Reader comments

  • B

It is exactly what they cannot do, they only managed to produce a limited number of the cpu's before the embargo went in (around september?) so they can only make a limited number of phones.

  • Huawei Nice

Boring comment. Its well know issue due to Trumx worry about Huawei leading the technology. Still write those kind comment in 2020. No one interest about the no google.

  • W

Huawei phones are beautiful and quality but pricy. I hope they will lower the price and just make up by the volume.

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