Huawei Mate 60 Pro+

Huawei Mate 60 Pro+

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  • s8V
  • 08 Sep 2023

sayabosanhidup, 08 Sep 2023can anyone here kindly tell me which zoom is better the 10... moreDude we you are keep asking about 10X optical zoom? If you want this much just take S23 Ultra, believe me don't get P40 Pro Plus why? Cuz it's hardware is too old not in the camera department but in the other specs 90HZ screen, outdated Soc, 4200mAh and slow charger at just 40W so just get a new flagship dude Like Xiaomi 13 Ultra or Find X6 Pro or even Pixel 8 Pro they all will give you better experience maybe not in zoom but equally good plus better camera experience

    Imagine having to pay $1200 for a phone with performance that cannot even beat Dimensity 8200 ROFL

      I desire these specifications in a Google Pixel phone

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        • Oblix
        • 0jB
        • 08 Sep 2023

        Literally the best phone available right now. There is not a single aspect that this phone lacks.

          DarlingYext, 08 Sep 2023It's clearly flat, the entire Mate 60 series is.then i'd be sure that this phone, would be much durable. their kunlun glass was known for durability.

            you have to suffer, 08 Sep 2023yaay more holes!!!!No, it only has 3, just like the regular Pro, and only 3 cameras on the back as well, just upgraded ones compared to the Mate 60 Pro.

              you have to suffer, 08 Sep 2023curvedIt's clearly flat, the entire Mate 60 series is.

                pavlecom, 08 Sep 2023As I know, pro+ have one more canera on the back side, and ... moreyaay more holes!!!!

                  Assif Muhammad, 08 Sep 2023Is it having a flat screen or curved display.curved

                    Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ supports Tiantong satellite phone and two-way Beidou satellite message, becoming the world's first mobile phone equipped with dual-satellite satellite communication.

                      Is it having a flat screen or curved display.

                        As I know, pro+ have one more canera on the back side, and one more in the front, therefore has a 4 dots island, not 3 as 60 pro.

                          Wish they had put the battery like of the Mate X5, with carbon.... extends life and increases SOT!!

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                            • Fddd
                            • bIL
                            • 08 Sep 2023

                            When are manufacturers gonna get rid of the Max, pro, one, plus... naming scheme?

                              Which in your expert views should I get, Mate 60 Pro or wait for the 60 Pro Plus?
                              Running Harmony OS.
                              Are they better than OnePlus 11 and upcoming 12?

                                Mate 70 next year i must buy it 🇳🇬

                                  I Just Read, 08 Sep 2023 more"Their first Pro + in this range"

                                  In which range? The Mate range?

                                  The Mate 40 Pro+ is also a thing, since 2020.

                                    Anonymous, 08 Sep 2023This phone got the US shook.At this point, the US government will try to completely destroy Huawei thanks to the new 5G processor

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                                      • Cryo
                                      • Nj}
                                      • 08 Sep 2023

                                      This is rumored to have the ability to connect to two Tiangtong satellites at the same time.

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                                        • Vibe
                                        • mFd
                                        • 08 Sep 2023

                                        Best flagship, like an iphone without apple's limitation.