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Huawei Mate S

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  • Anonymous

bought it today from the shop and assistant said that im the first who bought it :D, so far i see friendly stuff in it like screen recording and ability to change displays icons without downloading/rooting anything, well i think huawei is trying to get back on market :)

  • AnonD-434876

Hello guys, I need to create or add a new page for the installed apps in my Mate S. Now, when I install new app I can't find a space or page to add this app. Please help me to solve this issue and what I've to do. Thank you

  • bobby

Mate S has a force touch display indeed . I see it on the Official Youtube Video of Huawei mobile

  • orhan


  • Marc

Hi, I want to know the difference bettwen the mate s and the new HTC one A9. Witch of the two smatphones is better than the other??
Now I have tha HTC one

  • ali

amin, 23 Nov 2015htc m9 plus & mate s which is better???please replymate s

  • amin

htc m9 plus & mate s which is better???please reply

  • amin

htc m9 plus & mate s which is better???pls rply

  • john deep

this phone is like samsung j5

  • Huawei User

I can't believe that the battery is 2700 mAh only

  • AnonD-42603

Ikr, almost the same price of S6 and Z5, which is IMO better, what are they even thinking?

  • AnonD-276592

More expensive than the more quality S6.

  • Hossam

Jhamezie, 14 Nov 2015Just bought mate s in Dubai. Im using it for 2 weeks now. Im imp... morehow much does it cost in dubai

  • AnonD-456042

A few of Huawei new mobile looks too HTC lately. haha

  • jhonyy

I hope P9 with Kirin 950 and all new stuff finally will be in pair with 2016 best smartphone flagships. I really like Huawei but I dont know why such a big manufacture cant made superb phones.... maybe it need time like Samsung with it Galaxy models when finally came Galaxy S6 really superb phone in all categories, Huawei just need repeat that.

  • Anonymous

Theo , 14 Nov 2015Ineed this phone tell me what can i do?pray hard

  • HTC

Stolen design from HTC One Max.
Design your own. don't copy

  • Tom

Overpriced! A couple of dollars more and you sony z5. Really Huawei?

  • Kevin Lee

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2015Buy Oneplus Two, ZTE Axon Elite, or Xiaomi Mi Note Pro If not,... moreUh...Think Nexus 6P also a device by Huawei.....I think those you pointed out doesn't have force touch features like this one do.....

  • Jhamezie

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