Huawei Mate V might be on the way, folding inwards

Vlad, 06 July 2020

Huawei and Samsung have so far diverged on what the best design would be for a phone that can turn into a tablet through the magic of folding screens. While Samsung's Galaxy Fold folds inwards, Huawei's Mate X and Mate Xs both fold outwards.

While Samsung has been rumored to stick with its previous design for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 2, and improve upon the formula, Huawei may just give up on its unique path and actually join Samsung in the inward-folding realm for the next device.

Huawei Mate V may be on its way, folding inwards

This has been referred to in rumors as Mate X2, but Huawei has recently filed for a new trademark in the EU that hints at something different. The mark in question is Mate V, and that name implies a different design than the Mate X and Mate Xs.

A V might stand for 'folding like a book', hence, inwards. It's also interesting that back in April Huawei filed for a design patent proposing just such a departure from its former antics.

Huawei Mate V might be on the way, folding inwards

With the next Huawei foldable expected to become official around October, we should start seeing some leaks about it soon, so hang tight and we'll let you know which way it will go.

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Reader comments

You don't have to unfold it ever time, you can use the cover display for simple things

  • Anonymous
  • 09 Jul 2020
  • 7Ad

No you can't, because it's too scratched up to read. The inward folding designs all have a rigid external screen better suited to exposed use.

Fine, but the front of the Fold is too slim. If Huawei is going this route they need to focus on the width of the front screen. Not the length. This is a major flaw of the current Fold and I'm not sure they addressed it on the 2nd Fold. The ...

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