Huawei Mate X goes on sale, stock depletes in minutes

Yordan, 15 November 2019

Huawei introduced the foldable Mate X back in March, but we had to wait until October for the device to arrive for sale. Back on October 23, it was up for registration/pre-order in China, and today it appeared for its first flash sale.

Well, Huawei either underestimated the demand or just stocked very few devices, because all units sold out in a matter of minutes. On the upside there's another flash sale scheduled for November 22.

The phone has a foldable 8” OLED that transforms to a dual smartphone when folded - 6.6” on the front and 6.38” with an extremely tall ratio on the back, right next to the cameras and the power button.

Huawei is selling the Mate X with the year-old Kirin 980 chipset, coupled with an in-house 5G modem. It has 8 GB RAM and 512 gigs of storage, with 256 GB more available, if you use the proprietary NM memory card.

An impressive interesting spec is the 55W fast-charging, which was fastest in the world at the time of the announcement, but even that feature got surpassed by the competition now.

If you are still willing to purchase the phone, you should know it keeps its mind-boggling price of CNY16,999, which translates to roughly $2,400 or €2,200.



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asian are a thing

Some pristine Huawei trolling. When Samsung S6 had a camera hump Huawei mocked camera humps. Later they shut up and released devices with giant camera humps of their own. When Samsung S6 had 2K screens Huawei mocked 2K screens. Later they shut up...

1. It's plastic, your usual phones are metal and reinforced glass. 2. Who on earth still uses a pouch for a phone? 3. Rich people generally don't like fussy devices.

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