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Ricco, 07 May 2021Ridiculous pricing and no google services. They must be cra... moreYou realise that there are workarounds to get GPSs on huawei phones, my brother has a huawei and it is quite easy to get most of the google apps

I can't help but think that LG or any other brand can use this phone as an inspiration for their rollable screen smartphone. I mean, the camera and the power+volume button is placed on one side with no bezel or notch or even punch-hole interrupting the screen. That can provide a seamless transition for the rolling screen mechanism.

  • Ahmed

Simon Ling, 22 Mar 2021Are you sure about the mate XS is 3,500$ for just a tablet?!2000$ these days

  • Ricco

Ridiculous pricing and no google services. They must be crazy. How far huawei wana fall in mobile industry.

  • Simon Ling

Anonymous, 15 May 2020Are you joking, 3.500$ for a 8 inch tablet?Are you sure about the mate XS is 3,500$ for just a tablet?!

  • Simon Ling

ggggg, 20 May 2020What the.... 3k for a tablet bra they are some something ve... moreWhat is that? If a 3K is a bit good...maybe you should put a 4K screen instead.

  • Anonymous

Sometimes Huawei designed a non-google phone. But old Huawei phones have Google but not new ones. Learn how Huawei design by...why not Huawei made it. Let's see if the X3 is here or not?

  • AnonD-966113

Just drop it๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Anonymous

The mate xs is a great device and just an FYI the emui version is11. 0.0.170

V, 14 Sep 2020Hey which one do you like better? Pros cons vs both? I go... moreGo for Z Fold 2. It is better daily phone. XS is beautiful but still has no Google and it can be trouble sometimes.

  • Jacktackle

shado, 07 Sep 2020so true ... I waited a year and got my Note10+ for a lot ch... moreA flagship remains a flagship until the successor arrives there after it becomes a ex flagship. Buying old technology is no fun

  • AnonD-928219

Been using this for well over a week now and I am thoroughly enjoying it, will probably have it for another week. Really love then versatility, a true mix of large smartphone and mini tablet. The great camera array really completes the experience to.

Looking at the GSM arena battery test doesn't give confidence compared to other smartphones but in my experience this device easily does a full day even with a large amount of unfolded usage.

  • Anonymous

At the "Mid-Autumn Festival" party today (Sept-30-2020), Tencent PCG (Platform and Content Group) is offering all its staff (thousands) a special holiday gift: Mate Xs (17000CNY, $2500). Now this is the kind of company you want to work for!

  • Anonymous

Rafael, 15 Sep 2020No Huawei mate xs will not support GMS regardless where you... moreeven if you try to get it back to its previous update

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020Wrong. Install Google Play Services from Uptodown and you w... moreNo Huawei mate xs will not support GMS regardless where you download.

  • V

Tech90, 26 Jun 2020I currently ownn the galaxy fold and the mate xs i Use th... moreHey which one do you like better? Pros cons vs both? I got a used Galaxy Fold from ebay for $800. Can't find the Mate XS for less then $2000. But I love the Huawei EMUI way better. Samsung OS sucks. I have the Mate 20 X as my daily.

Anonymous, 26 May 2020For the price of this you can buy flagship phone+tablet and... moreso true ... I waited a year and got my Note10+ for a lot cheaper - and then picked up a Sony XZ Premium (as a dedicated A/V library) for even cheaper
two flagship phones, both new in their boxes, for less than what the cheapest one cost only a few years back - and yes, I am more than happy with what I have for now, but will look at finding one of these 'new' next year or so

It will get huge success when it has,
1. Dual boot option with LINUX as a second OS, which has the ability to run desktop applications.
2. Autimatic boot on Android when folded, on Linux when unfolded (optional)

Then it will called as 'COMPHONE'...

(The price is already exceeded than the phone and a laptop combo!)

Dometalican, 12 Aug 2020The ideal Mate X/Xs sequel (X2): Kirin 1000 (which will ... moreForget 108MP, no new flaghip sensor till P60, just HUAWEI tradition

  • Dometalican

The ideal Mate X/Xs sequel (X2):

Kirin 1000 (which will have 5G out of the gate) with more LTE bands (13,29,30,66,71) and 5G bands (2,5,7,20,66,71) [TRULY hoping this for all Mate 40 phones]
8.0" OLED display with pretty much the same panel but with a 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+
In-Display Fingerprint sensor (or the one on the side is fine)

12GB RAM/512GB (LDDPR5 and UFS 3.1) with Nano Memory expansion (they won't do microSD)

Stereo Speakers (Mate 20X style; it can totally be done)
Headphone jack (don't tell me that handle couldn't squeeze one in there; even without DAC)
Bluetooth 5.2

1,750mAH batteries x4 (2 on each side to make 7,000mAH total)
Same 55W supercharge wired charge
Heat suppression for both processor and batteries

108MP SONY IMX sensor with OIS (per rumors Huawei was working on this)
40MP SONY IMX Wide-Angle cam (taken from the Mate 30 series)
13MP Telephoto (periscope is better but unsure if it fits here; would be good if it did)
ToF sensor
4K@60fps at least; 8K@30fps at least; 1080@960fps at least

Selfie is obviously the same as above

IR Blaster
Ability to seamlessly change from Wifi to 5G to 4G without any interruptions
USB 3.2 (you're paying a ton so might as well)
All GPS profiles

More than likely, we're looking at a price of like $3,200 or something. It would suck but at least the specs would be ideal for being the last Kirin processor (unless Biden gets elected and tells TSMC and Google they're ok to work with Huawei again) for Huawei.