Huawei Mate Xs

Huawei Mate Xs

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  • Dre

Nice but crazily overpriced

  • Anonymous

Skulldemon, 29 Mar 2020Is it worth to get? I am thinking if I should get it ...For the price of this you can buy flagship phone+tablet and donate remaining money to charity.

  • Anonymous

ggggg, 20 May 2020What the.... 3k for a tablet bra they are some something very go... moreOverpriced crap.

  • Dr.steve

Had mine since the launch in the UK, brilliant phone good battery life, camera's are above expectations, screen is as good as the day I first unwrapped the phone.

  • ggggg

What the.... 3k for a tablet bra they are some something very good. If people buy this they are also on something good

  • Anonymous

Not a practical design and plastic screen are exposed.won't even last 6 months in pocket

  • Anonymous

jmdeviveirosf, 05 May 2020It´s the very best phone created to ourdays! And it´... moreyeah for a prototype. The screen is very exposed and it's plastic won't even last 6 months.
This design is just for show that's it and it's not an everyday phone.

  • Anonymous

Are you joking, 3.500$ for a 8 inch tablet?

Out of all foldable phones that came out since 2019 till date, Only that Nokia 2720 feels quality-wise better & well implemented without compromises & issues.

It ain't made for everyone.. The price is unbelievably high..

It´s the very best phone created to ourdays! And it´s very easy to install google services and play store inside in this open android 10

  • Anonymous

If cost wasn't a factor I would buy this in an instant... it's head & shoulders above every other available folding phone

  • Harry

You can always side load

A phenomenal premium design smartphone with superior features. It has high end cameras and a high end processor. The battery capacity is very big and it will withstand the intensive use of the device.

  • Anonymous

Android tablets are garbage. No way I would pay more than $700 on a useless phone like this that solves no problem and cannot install Google and YouTube on it.

  • RickyBoy

In 5 years this would cost 400 at best

This phone is out if this Planet it is worth every single USD from his 3000 pricetag. Huawei lsot 60 million USD only on mate x and mate xs alone. Regardless 3000 usd pricetag.
I would buy it if my limit was not 1000$ :(
It is amazing I would love to have the best 2020 innovation in mobile phones.

If it only had p40pro's camera setup!

  • Anonymous

Priced at $2500+ without any IP rating, yet it is in demand and sells exceptionally well. It caters to a very select group of buyers with discriminating taste. Anyone who is willing to spend $2400+ on this smartphone fully understand how to treat such a device with care, any IP rating is therefore superfluous. A rare triumph of smartphone design, if you ask me.

Skulldemon, 29 Mar 2020Is it worth to get? I am thinking if I should get it ...It's up to you m8. It's got the Kirin 990 that's slower than the 865 and outdated cameras. But it's up to you. If you want the foldable display and you think it's worth the other sacrifices then go for it. If you think it's not then don't.