Huawei MatePad T8

Huawei MatePad T8

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  • rays

Why not fast charging🥺

  • Wan

Kayla, 06 Apr 2021Can you download apps off Google play store or not?Yes.. Use gspace u can download using goole play

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2021Can it support 256G memory card please? Yes, I'm using 400gb microsd on it

  • Unnamed

Girlfriend Gearest, 16 May 2021does it come with the hand?Yes indeed, I got mine with a chopped off hand !
Looked like it was cut off using a guillotine, very clean cut and thankfully there was no blood, there was nothing I could do with it so I tossed into the pigs trough, they loved it !
The tablet is ok.

  • Anonymous

Can it support 256G memory card please?

  • rxking

Will matepad T8 receive harmonyOS updates ?

  • Anonymous

I must say Huawei MatePad T8 is not suitable for gaming. Been lagging and the tablet heats up very fast, hang for 5 seconds and sometimes you just gotta pray that it won't exit the app.

All in all, this tablet is good for office use or for your distant learning. I recommend use Aurora App Store if you need some apps 😸

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021Does it come with pre-applied screen protector?no screen protector.

  • Anonymous

Does it come with pre-applied screen protector?

Korakora, 18 Jun 2021Been a few days since I got this device. Pretty good for no... moreI also bought it for reading. it is a excelent tablet for the price. its like 80 euros.

the only downside is low resolution=189 ppi. the screen as a screen is really good, low black value=excelent contrast, no pwm, decent brightness distribution 92%(you can read the review on notebookcheck). i wish they made it 1080p. but even at it is, It it doesnt bother me.
i will even pay 40euros extra for 1080 screen. on the android front you get only that samsung a tab 8 with spen, who has a 1080 screen. and thats like 300 euros, and it wasnt released in Europe. and no way i pay 420 euros for an ipad mini.

  • Korakora

Been a few days since I got this device. Pretty good for normal using like reading books/manga, browsing web and watching videos. No google service, but I can live with that. 800p display was a bad choice imo, would have been better if they go 1080p. But I guess they had to skimp on some things to keep the price low. Also, the charger that came with it has horrible build quality.

  • Priya

I use samsung.ipad and lenovo tabs before.but this is the best to do my work..i dont care about taking pictures or selfie..

  • zzzzzzzaaaaa

Forhad1000, 12 May 2021Galaxy Tab A 8.0 vs MatePad T8 - which one should I choose?... moreDEFINITELY Matepad T8, it has a bigger speed RAM of 4GB, compared to the measly Galaxy Tab A8 which is very slow and not a good option for everyday tasks. It's OK if you prefer it, but I have been using my Matepad for more than 8 months and it's awesome (Fun fact: I am using it right now to reply :P)!

  • emmadex

Huawei matepad T, does it really have 4G lte Band 28?????

does it come with the hand?

Galaxy Tab A 8.0 vs MatePad T8 - which one should I choose?
[My prefer iis MatePad T8]

  • Hmmmm

sterijuanna, 01 May 2021trump biden china they all working together behind the sceneIsn't that against the rules to discuss that?

  • Tauro

Silvernus, 09 Apr 2021This device is way better than my previous Samsung Tab A 8.... moreUse Gspace as optional . cons cannot Multitask , only 1 app per gspace

  • Tauro

iulianc, 18 Apr 2021Paid the equivalent of 97 euros, worth every cent. Decent ... moreAnd there is gspace Alternatif for goggle services and playstore

Silvernus, 09 Apr 2021The ban, still stands. trump biden china they all working together behind the scene