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My mediapad is turning me crazy. It's bugging quite often. If you leave a window to do smthg else and you come back, you start from scratch again ! Even going to files ! I just lost an hour long email typing like that. I' M SO ANGRY ! Not enough possible choice as to how you want to get to the files. No logic in the downloads display. Sorry guys. I understand you want to be different from samsung but sorry, this is crap and there is not going to be any huawei thing in any of my future purchase. Piece of crap.

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    • Anonymous
    • sUv
    • 05 Jun 2020

    Benjamin, 10 Nov 2018My media pad is displaying backward. I have tried accessin... moreTry seeing it in a mirror. Maybe this help

      • E
      • Ellen
      • 7Xn
      • 27 May 2019

      I buy tab of huawei what will we do if we cannot upload the apps or what will happen

        • M
        • Majid Ali
        • MsN
        • 19 Jan 2019

        Install Kali linux and enjoy. I also have same touch problem so I decided to install Kali linux. Now Im happy with it.

          • B
          • Benjamin
          • r3H
          • 10 Nov 2018

          My media pad is displaying backward. I have tried accessing the settings but since the display is backward, its really difficult. please help me out!
          Phone name: Huawei
          Spec: Media Pad 3 Youth 2.
          Model: S7-721u

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            • waqas
            • sye
            • 03 Oct 2018

            hi screen brock

              • S
              • Sujith
              • utV
              • 26 May 2018

              Majid Fateh Ali, 12 Dec 2014Hi if anyone is having problem with touch screen then there... moreSame problem me also, 18 months work perfected but now touch screen not working

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                • Anonymous
                • NiB
                • 16 Apr 2018

                AnonD-743970, 12 Mar 2018Huawei Media pads. ABSOLUTELY.Not fit for purpose..Rubbish ... moreMy Huawei Media Pad with 1Gb RAM is very slow. How can I improve the speed?

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                  • AnonD-743970
                  • StU
                  • 12 Mar 2018

                  Huawei Media pads. ABSOLUTELY.Not fit for purpose..Rubbish devices..Enough said..

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                    • Anonymous
                    • GiU
                    • 30 Oct 2017

                    help guys i lost dial on my mediapad...what should i do

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                      • JAY SUVA FJ
                      • YU8
                      • 02 Aug 2017

                      Mark, 04 Oct 2016Get a new charger My media pad has done the same thing. It doesnt turn on any more. Dont know whats the problem.

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                        • ian
                        • NY9
                        • 24 Jul 2017

                        My media pad won't start it's camera,what should I do??

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                          • JOE
                          • Nu7
                          • 27 Apr 2017

                          My Huawei mini pad just went off and does not come on anymore... am in Ibadan pls where can i fit the device please ?

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                            • skcnfnekxo
                            • p2e
                            • 09 Apr 2017

                            Phod, 08 Feb 2017My media pad cannot working and no effect with touch screen... moreYou should hold the power button a long time to restart the tablet when it is not working and if you dont have it don't ever buy don't even think about it it doesn't worth anything

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                              • momok
                              • Mfx
                              • 01 Apr 2017

                              Phod, 08 Feb 2017My media pad cannot working and no effect with touch screen... morereplace mediapad toushscreen fixs ur media.. same an work for my mediamad

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                                • AnonD-652680
                                • IVN
                                • 14 Mar 2017

                                what do you mean "not working" ? is it the touchpad?
                                if yes, try use external mouse (usb mouse) connected with usb-on-the-go cable..
                                this should eliminate touchpad as source of problem (means that u need to change the digitizer unit).

                                if not, try hard reset. google how to do this. this tab don't really need a pc to reset everything back as new..

                                i just revived mine after few years of waiting for the digitizer to become available & cheap enough for replacing..

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                                  • Phod
                                  • tVs
                                  • 08 Feb 2017

                                  My media pad cannot working and no effect with touch screen.pls help my problem.thanks

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • X}$
                                    • 26 Jan 2017

                                    Cateleya, 12 Jan 2016I have got a problem with my pad 7 T7-701u its been five da... moreHey.!i have same problm.. if u find the solution plz mention it

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                                      • theodora
                                      • rvh
                                      • 05 Dec 2016

                                      how do i download the calling application for my media pad i can only do viber and whatsapp call not contact calls please help

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • L1q
                                        • 21 Nov 2016

                                        Anonymous, 21 Sep 2016use 2.1 v charger\I change my USB connector to another USB 2.1 now its working