Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0

Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0

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  • human

I got two of these for free with a data package, but I have never used them. I plan to use them as smart home tablets.

  • Anonymous

Okay ba to for school works like apps na google document

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2018Anyone use this for mobile legends? Is phone good enough t... moreI don't think this tablet is intended for gaming. And sometimes, when I livestream the video, sometimes it lags

  • Gary

Is this device good for read e-books?

  • Anonymous

Quite compatible and great, but serious problem is front as well as selfie camera is just 2 MP, the picture result is poor. This is the only shortcoming, I think.

  • Bsirc8

I have no complaints using this device as a media player and as a phone. I use google map frequently when I travel so the screen is wide enough to see much details. I can hold it with one hand when I use it as a phone. I got what I paid for, pretty much.

  • Daax

izwanshahmie, 14 Mar 2018Anyone can suggest me need to buy t2 7 or t3 7 ? Im too con... moreDont ever but that

  • izwanshahmie

Anyone can suggest me need to buy t2 7 or t3 7 ? Im too confuse about this. But t3 7 dont have LTE . T2 7 have LTE. Can anyone ?

  • Anonymous

Anyone use this for mobile legends?
Is phone good enough to play 2 hours duration 720p quality video?

  • warwick

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2018Is this support for mobile camera lenses? do you mean detachable lenses? yes of course. although it has focus adjustments, you can still use portab lenses sold in online stores.

  • Anonymous

Is this support for mobile camera lenses?

  • kmann

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2017Great tablet i prefer itYes. I put it on a mount and engaged Google maps and it provided a beautiful display and voice prompts.

  • DeeDee

Phonecalling? , 12 Feb 2017Can you make regular phone calls on this device? Not mentio... moreYes. Thats why its called phablet. A phone and a tablet in one. Thanks

  • Shef

no volte

  • yup

AnonD-714326, 08 Nov 2017I bought this tab few days ago and the display quality is v... moreI would suggest to check your tabs resolution setting is it may have been change to the lowest. if in case its not, then you can go back to where you bought it for assistance.

  • AnonD-714326

I bought this tab few days ago and the display quality is very low. Feels like a cheap Chinese tab. Display resolution is annoying. Don't know this is specific to my tab only please advice

  • Anonymous

Ady, 13 Sep 2017Hello everybody. I want to buy this tablete and I want to u... moreGreat tablet i prefer it

  • Kv

Peterpan, 15 Aug 2017Hi im interested in buying this tablet. How was it? Is it s... moreThe speaker isn't good ( low volume). The camera resolution is low. Pictures are not clear. Restarting the phone takes a long time.

  • Anonymous

no flashlight for photos and videos cannot use dark

  • Anonymous