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Really fast tablet with a long battery life,excellent build quality, but maybe a little heavy,also, try not to get the 16gb version as you will run out of space very quickly and you can't transfer apps to sd cards.

  • Chida

Hasan, 03 Dec 2019Is there a future update android 9 for this device ? Ya, i'm wondering too? I have been given a free brand new Hawaii MediaPad T5 tablet 3 days ago with my mobile service, so there SHOULD be an Android 9.1 update for it!!!! I found that there will be an Android 10 update for that tablet, so the version between the 8 and the 10 should logically be available... But I can't find it????? :(

  • Nikos

Amazon and John Lewis advertise this tablet with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. These options are missing from the specs. Why is that?

Hasan, 03 Dec 2019Is there a future update android 9 for this device ? Apparently, there will be Android 10 as well

  • Hasan

Is there a future update android 9 for this device ?

  • Aish

Does it support stylus or not

i am posting this after 10 days' use. Tab is slim and sleek. Touch screen is pretty basic with lag. It feels like it is from 2017 set of devices. speakers are good. Still running on old version of android (oreo) released back in 2017. My one has 32 gigs of internal memory, which is good. Ram 3gb is fine for a tab. Overall satisfactory. (Much better than my previous Samsung tab which was pathetic)

  • Gleen

AirHockeyChamp, 14 Oct 2019T5 16GB model comes with ~9 GB free space on internal storage. O... moreInteresting. I am looking round for a cheap 10'' Tablet, do you have any recommendations? I know more about phones, but I am a complete noob regarding tablets, lol It's for my mom, so basically I only need the play store, good screen and battery. It seems Huawei is the obvious choice, but with that US controversy, they don't support google anymore, etc.. I don't know man. Also, the bootloader option can be neat, I have experience rooting phones an etc..

  • AirHockeyChamp

T5 16GB model comes with ~9 GB free space on internal storage. Only a few apps will fill that space in no time. It DOES NOT support moving apps to external SD card, and you cannot flash a custom ROM, because bootloader is locked, and Huawei is not giving the unlock codes any more. Unless you need a tablet for surfing and YT, do not buy this one.

  • Chewbacca

1> The EMUI 8.0 OS (Android Oreo) does not support USB OTG so had to install the Feem app to transfer files from my PC to Tab over wi-fi. Also installed another media player which supported sub-titles.

2> Netflix is pre-installed, had to install Hotstar. Both work fine. Display quality is awesome and 60% brightness is enough. Binge watched serials with blue-tooth headset and the battery lasted for 7~8 hours. The eye-comfort feature makes the display warm-white and thus easier on the eyes and also less damage to eyes by filtering out the blue light. Also the 16:10 aspect ratio of the screen gives you more of vertical space and thus fingers grasping the edges don't accidentally trigger something on screen.

3> Browsing over wi-fi or mobile internet using Airtel 4G nano-SIM works fine. Jio 4G SIM also works for internet only (but cannot make voice calls using Jio SIM as the VoLTE feature is missing in the India specific version of this Tab). When using Chrome, the "Request Desktop Version of Website" can be used comfortably as the 16:10 aspect ratio of the screen gives you more of vertical space. This comes in handy when using WhatsApp web to clone the WhatApp of another mobile to this tab.

4> Used it in car for GPS navigation and bluetooth paired to car stereo - worked fine. The bundled flip case allows me to hook the tab to the sun-visor of the car so that it does not block my vision if kept above the dashboard.

5> Not traveled yet with the tab but I am sure it can replace my bulky laptop and reduce my cabin luggage weight. Word, Excel and PowerPoint app comes bundled so I am good to go.

6> The flip case allows me to rest the tab on my elliptical machine during workout without the fear of falling down.
7> and 8> Haven't tried wi-fi hotspot yet but should work. Front camera is a meager 2MP but is enough for video calls, not for selfies.

>> 458 Grams + the weight of the flip case is rather heavy on the hands. Also the volume and Power buttons gets pressed accidentally when using in portrait mode.

>> Adaptive brightness feature missing
>> Voice calls not supported with Jio SIM
>> Huawei may not provide an upgrade path for the EMUI 8.0 (Android Oreo) if US/Google continues to block Huawei's future access to Android updates.

i play asimple game called hayday it hanging so much in thie tablet and make gboard hang so what can i do for this problem

i have mediabad t3 10
which never hang on the game or on gboard
please help i hate this device for that

MushroomYoung, 01 Aug 2019May I know can MediaPad T5 make calls ?If u can hold it

  • Liar

rp, 06 Jul 2019does it support huawei pen?Yup

  • Nicolas

MushroomYoung, 01 Aug 2019May I know can MediaPad T5 make calls ?Yes.

  • MushroomYoung

May I know can MediaPad T5 make calls ?

  • Anonymous

Jimbit, 09 Jun 2019Does this support OTG?Yes, works well with otg adapter

  • Bizzy

Does it have MHL support?

  • rp

does it support huawei pen?

Gaming experience ain't any good on this, even simple games like Candy crush & Toon blast lag heavily on this tablet.

  • Jimbit

Does this support OTG?