Huawei MediaPad T5

Huawei MediaPad T5

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  • Sam

Charging speed is pretty slow but battery back up on this is really good. I've the 16 GB version which doesn't let you download many apps but I'm not a gamer I usually use it for watching movies and it's big screen gives you a great feeling. Overall it's a very good tablet considering the price.

  • Anonymous

basushaunak, 14 Aug 2020Has anyone tried Lightroom cc on this? Or Honor Pad 5 will... moreWorks pretty good on this

Atros , 09 Sep 2020Supports Google service, I have a 4/64 modelCan we change its OS to stock android? How?

  • Anonymous

This tablet is EMUI 8 (based on Android 8), It don't have update to EMUI 9.1 now. (EMUI 11 already announced but this tablet stop update to new Android version) .If you like to explore new feature (like EROFS, GPU Turbo), you should not buy this tablet. This tablet charging is only 5V 1A (Malaysia version). It is too slow! Information about this tablet is not enough (from both local forum and China forum). This tablet is not so popular. M6 and above is more suitable choice. M6 is the only tablet which can update to EMUI 10.1(Malaysia version). Hope this help.

  • Atros

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2020Does it support Google services Supports Google service, I have a 4/64 model

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2020The best tablet that I hadDoes it support Google services

  • Anonymous

The best tablet that I had

  • Anonymous

Mathew01, 15 Aug 2020If I insert my SIM card in it as I do not have an internet ... moreNo

  • Hclosp

I've got the 16gb version, big mistake.
Firmware (6.3gb) and apps takes up 13gb and no way to use SD as internal storage for apps.

If I insert my SIM card in it as I do not have an internet data plan on it, can I make a call? I mainly need this tablet to use as a phone.

Has anyone tried Lightroom cc on this?
Or Honor Pad 5 will be a better option ? (Kirin 710/ 4 GB).

  • Anonymous

ASG2-L09 model has screen cast option that's the model i use Hope other models may have it .. just search settings

  • Anonymous

Internal storage is way too little. What a shyte tablet gggrrrrrr

JJ, 05 Jun 2020It works just fine, I'm very happy with it. I've had it sin... moreHow do you find the wi-fi connectivity? All I'd need it for is Netflix and youtube videos and a few kids games.

  • Sheen

Anonymous, 14 May 2020can the Huawie media pad T5 make and receive cell phone callsYes ! You can receive call and messages on LTE variant only.

  • Anonymous

The battery is no good because it runs out of power way too fast. Plus, The system goes kind of slow when the percentage is at 5. Overall good product for budget.

  • GB2112

riri, 12 May 2020Does Games like roblox work? Or any apps from the playstore... moreRoblox works fine and all of the Play store is there. Only new Huawei stuff will be effected by the Google ban

  • Bella

bbardot, 13 Jun 2020Huawei is the slowest tablet I've ever had. It is very frus... moreJust wondering, were you using the original cable to charge or did you use another type. Sometimes the cable gets hot because the cable is not compatible. I had no issue with mine.

  • Good for the bucks

I grabbed it at 129 euro (32GB version) and for the price is a perfect match

T5 user, 20 Jun 2020I suggest that gsmarena highlights the charging speed and c... moreYes.. Ancient 5W charging.. Huawei should at least go for 10W..