Huawei Nexus bootloader screen reveals S810 chipset, 3GB of RAM

Peter, 25 August, 2015

The Huawei Nexus is back in the spotlight, this time showing us the angles we missed yesterday. For one we can see the USB Type C on the bottom (the phone itself is in a bulky case) and we even get to see the bootloader screen.

It shows the chipset – MSM8994, aka Snapdragon 810. So much for the Snapdragon 820 hopes. Anyway, the chipset is hooked up to 3GB of RAM (LPDDR4, Micron chip) and boasts 64GB of built-in storage (Samsung chip).

Huawei Nexus photographed in the wild

While there will probably be a 32GB version, the RAM situation is likely settled. We've recently started seeing 4GB devices, but the next Nexus phablet won't be one of them.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Is this the chip that gets hot, hot.... and hotter....?

  • Anonymous

Don't you need 4gb of ram to take advantage of a 64-bit processor?

  • Anonymous

lol. this should be comment of the year.

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