Huawei nova 11i

Huawei nova 11i

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Spend a few euros more and get the Samsung A34. It's basically miles ahead of this phone.
Otherwise, just get A24. It's a really good phone too, with more specs (than this) for less.

(I wonder how can this piece of garbage sell well)

    Xtinction, 17 May 2023Thats not an entry level phoneYes it is an entry level phone. That's how it's being marketed, how it's being sold, and how it's being lined up along with all of Huawei's other phones.

      it would have been better with audio jack and sd card..
      its a midranger why would even. this is a early sign of midrangers started to remove audio jack and sd card.

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        • lora singh
        • 6Q}
        • 18 May 2023

        huawei is best but google not update so i shift now one plus.

          Anonymous, 14 May 2023Stunning phone for an entry level Thats not an entry level phone

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            • Anonymous
            • gxK
            • 15 May 2023

            Mampara, 15 May 2023Too bigexactly my thoughts...

              Too big

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                • Anonymous
                • tx3
                • 14 May 2023

                Stunning phone for an entry level

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                  • rsdt
                  • Pu6
                  • 13 May 2023

                  The front is beautiful without frames it looks premium Samsung learns that instead of reducing frames you make it more horrible every year Lol next year Samsung will launch the Samsung A35 with the design of Samsung J8 and make the notch in a premium drop shape Lol

                    So glad Huawei is sti pushing out over everything they have gone through long live Huawei

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 6py
                      • 12 May 2023

                      Nothing new at Huawei
                      They just prove exist

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                        • Best
                        • r3a
                        • 12 May 2023

                        Jeez is someone actually go to buy this

                          Nova 7i is still best.

                            Top tier overpricing.