Huawei nova 3i

Huawei nova 3i

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  • Ajim

smooth phone for daily use but please update software and add gpu turbo

  • Lee

Yeow, 10 Jan 2021Mine is still pristine after more than 2 years. Still doing... moreSame here

  • Ahmed

Its nice and good for gaming because it has 128 gb

  • Anonymous

Yeow, 10 Jan 2021Mine is still pristine after more than 2 years. Still doing... moreWhat about the battery is it efficient?

  • Boombox

My ip6 single camera are much better than this 3plet cams lol...

  • Yeow

basith, 10 Dec 2020mine too, its bluggedMine is still pristine after more than 2 years. Still doing really great.

  • lags

Cannot read OTG

  • chanaka

good phone

  • Anonymous

What is the maximum SD Card It Support?

  • Anand

Battery problem

  • Anonymous

My mom is using huawei nova 3i for 2 years and more and there's no problem at all. Still working fine and fast. The battery is still fine

  • scarlett

The battery is bloated in just 1yr and dissappointing!

Owned the phone for I think 2 years now cracked the screen a month after we got the phone and hasn't been replaced since the touch was still working, and no ghost touch occurred then I think earlier this year or late last year the battery started to bloat and still is bloated at the time of writing this opinion. I don't know how and why the phone still works so i guess that's good? the phone has been through hell and is still is working so I guess that's a plus. Camera is decent, storage capacity is excellent for the price the processor is meh. also the buttons aren't that responsive now I don't know why.

  • Sva

Is it connect with bluetooth 5 device
Like joiroom earbuds T03 S pro?

  • basith

LIM, 09 Dec 2020Battery Bloated after 2 years. mine too, its blugged

  • LIM

Battery Bloated after 2 years.

  • Anonymous

The battery bloats up after 2 years of use. I did overcharge it sometimes but this doesn't happen too early compared to the previous Samsung phones I had.

  • Ayesha

I've been using this for 2 years and its still working nothing has broken at all.... Its really what it said that this is unbreakable tho not gonna recommend to throw this to the ground just to test if this is truly unbreakable hehehe...... Excellent Quality!!

  • fat

i am huawei user for 2 years, and im quite disappointed that after 2 years my cp is broke, front and back the casing has been removed from adhesion. and my speaker is broke too. im taking care of my cp very well but the cellphone it self is fragile. never gonna buy huawei again..

Very good phone my dad has been using it for two years and never gave any problem but I have a to ask is it upgradable to android 1