Huawei nova 3i

Huawei nova 3i

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  • S. R.

It's a good phone. However I had to get the battery replaced due to battery inflating. Overall good phone. Worth every penny

  • Anonymous

Even older models like the Huawei P10 should get Harmony OS 2.0.

Huawei Nova 3.

Huawei Nova 3i.

Harmony OS 2.0: Huawei has not yet announced any update dates for Europe.

For the European or German market, Huawei was unable to provide any information when asked when the update could start. Furthermore, it is also unclear whether a return to the original Android version would be possible after switching to the new OS version. It is clear that Huawei's Harmony OS has to do without any Google apps, services and the Play Store. As alternatives, the manufacturer has its own solutions such as its own services and the app gallery.

Huawei has greatly expanded its ecosystem and range of apps in recent months.

As soon as Huawei announces further details on the rollout for the German market.

  • Anonymous

also used this for almost 3 years great phone

  • Andre

Almost 3 years using, very good cost / benefit . 6" Display plus FHD+ resolution (2340x1080) is a great feature: seldom I remember I have a tablet for reading ... Battery still works all the day. Selfies with the front camera are really excellent. Back camera very good for non professional use with full lighting (exterior day light), but not the same with dim light (interior or night), perhaps its worst feature.

  • xtian

00101, 02 May 2021no worth phone small battery capacity microusb no fas... moreYou still going to buy a 2018 phone for 2021? My nova 3i is still good on my end and using it as my daily driver.

  • Anonymous

Using for 3.5 yrs not got hanged till now best phone from huewai..2018

  • gamebarCCC

its laggaing after 2 years of usage...

  • pavi

almost 3 years.,now starting give problems,,but tats ok im going to upgrade new model

  • Ph huawei user

Phmon0, 14 Mar 2021Same with me the back started to pop up So I thought it was just mine. So it is really a problem of nova 3i

  • Anonymous

Does Nova 3i have digital zoom? How many times?

  • 00101

no worth phone

small battery capacity
no fastcharging
bad chipset

Too expensive

  • The Ambassadore

Not in malaysia

  • Ramal

I have to replace my battery, because it expand. I used phone with connect charger. Nova 3i battery drain faster when zoom app video streaming.

A relative lent me this phone to use (she bought it in 2018), and it still holds up quite well in 2021. It games quite smoothly and is good enough for everyday use. My complaints would be the lack of update to Android 10 and the battery, which drains quickly and generates too much heat that you cant avoid touching it.

A pro-tip to anyone using the phone (or any device): NEVER charge it while using it, nor leave it charging in your sleep to 100%. Doing so degrades the battery, causing it to swell. Just let it charge when the phone's shut down or at least when it's in idle mode, and don't charge it to 100% as it reduces the battery's lifecycle to 1 (a smartphone's battery is capped with at least 500 charging cycles).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021nova 3i coolIs it really ?

  • Anonymous

nova 3i cool

  • nick5161

H+sbt, 23 Jan 2020sorry (unworthy of Huawei Nova 3 and 3i, Android 10). We... moreI don't think so.. coz both 3i + 8x using d same major specs.. especially its processors.. Kirin710..

If 8x have got Android10 upgrade since last year.. then, Y 3i can't get d same OS upgrade 2???

Huawei should have given Android10 upgrade upon 3i 2.. coz no hardware limitation between dis 2 models..

I'm still waiting 4 Android10 upgrade from Huawei.. come on Huawei.. don't let down 'ur loyal users.. give us Android10 upgrade version in our 3i tones..

I own both of dis fones: 3i + 8x.. =)

  • nick5161

RMR, 03 Aug 2020Which is better NOVA 3i or Honor 8x? Want to see reactions ... more3i vs 8x = ???

Both R like twins.. only have some small glitches between 'em..

If 4 design + finishing = 3i slightly beats 8x..

If 4 front cam = 3i slightly beats 8x..

If 4 back cam = 8x slightly beats 3i..

If 4 hotspot + WiFi = both on d same par..

If 4 smoothness + speed = 8x slightly beats 3i..

If 4 signal + coverage = 8x slightly beats 3i..

If 4 ba3 Ndurance = 8x slightly beats 3i..

If 4 charging speed = both on d same par..

If 4 VDO making = 8x slightly beats 3i..

If 4 gaming speed = 8x slightly beats 3i..

If 4 night shot = 8x slightly beats 3i..

If 4 Android 9 vs 10 = 8x slightly beats 3i..

If 4 resale market value = 8x slightly beats 3i..

All dis R based on my own XPs.. yet thru my own usage..

So far, I've already bought 3 units of 3i + 2 units of 8x 4 my own lovely fmly.. all in very² gud used condition + specs + sustainable prices..

1st, I bought a used 3i (Iris Blue) 4 myself.. lovely colour + finishing..

2nd, I bought a used 3i (Midnight Black) 4 my eldest daughter.. lovely colour + finishing 2..

3rd, I bought a used 8x (Phantom Blue) 4 myself.. lovely colour + finishing 2..

4th, I bought a used 3i (Midnight Black) 4 my lovely wife.. lovely colour + finishing 2..

5th, I bought a used 8x (Midnight Red) 4 myself.. lovely colour + finishing 2..

I'm more interested in Blue + Black colours.. but, in d used smartfones resale market availability.. I prefer 2 choose d best 4 d finishing, minor scratches, still in gud excellent working condition, still in gud original ba3 condition per4mance + still in d gud full original set wiv its box & accessories..

So, S long S it comes wiv d very² excellent package.. then, d colour shall B put aside.. cheap price gives more value than d desired colours.. ha³..

Mostly of 'em nearly 2 years old age + above 2 years old age.. but, still very² gud looking wiv only minor scratches + original screen protected so well..

Indeed, i'm a very² careful buyer yet owner.. every tiny aspect comes in2 my detail inspection b4 making any payment..

Mostly of 'em still using d originally equipped ba3 from d factory + it's still working tremendously fine w/out any bloating back cover so far..

No screen cracking so far.. no regret at all 4 dis purchases so far..

So, 3i vs 8x = like comparison between twin sister + brother actually.. only small glitches between 'em.. 😉

  • Nicknack

Can someone tell me isn't burst mode option available in this phone where taking multiple pictures in a single shot

  • Anonymous

Macster006, 07 Mar 2021The battery bloated after just 1 and a half year of use. It... moreSame here.