Huawei nova 5 Pro

Huawei nova 5 Pro

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  • Jelo

I've got my nova 5 pro it's good but sadly no google play

  • Anonymous

Sam, 29 Sep 2019I can't use any google apps.pls help meyou ahould try download qooapp apk

  • st

does this phone support straight talk

  • parves

nova 5 pro use imx582 ,I dont understand why Huawei policy maker use this sensor, better sensor is imx586. I realy upset premium phone use low price sensor but xiaomi price low,use sensor imx586

  • Nekkit

Mine does not support google play

  • Anonymous

Harper, 30 Dec 2019Realme x2 pro vs huawei Nova 5 pro which one is better. I r... moreIf you can afford Realme x2 pro, Then go for Realme X2 Pro if you're a gamer.

  • samp

is it supports google play store

  • Harper

Realme x2 pro vs huawei Nova 5 pro which one is better. I really like huawei Nova 5 pro But the only issue is not Corning gorilla glass. On the other hand realme x2 pro is. Can't make up my mind any suggestions?

  • Jude1997

Does this phone ocme with googke services

  • Jarek72

My nowa5 pro memory error
Just got it but the memory stops at .9 of G must delete Facebook to install messenger
Then delete messenger to install Facebook
Nice cycle
WTF .?
Only runnins one sim slot 1 no sd card inserted
Shoulp i stir it put all in ?

  • Quvan

Huawei nova 6 . 2020.02.26..
Faster charge 40 watts 5V/8A .
With google play store.

  • Sam

I can't use any google apps.pls help me

  • Imtiaz haider

Hlw all,
I'm living in qatar, i like to know when this mobile launch in qatar and how much approximately price.??

  • Tariq Saeed

Huawei overall is the best experience. Nova serious is just about perfect.. I have used Samsung IPhone LG Nokia Xiaomi but when I used Huawei after that I never bought another brand. It gives top quality in very low price.

  • seen things

because they are not American. Not all about profits.

Some companies just wanna make a great phone that can be available to the masses.

And this mindset hurts profiteering companies like apple. So: Tradewar. Try to shut them down. IF Huawei is down because of USA and the nonsense that trump is doing....... it is a loss to all of humanity.

Apple can easily drop $200 on every iphone AND STILL MAKE PROFIT. But they won't.

  • Anonymous

oljO, 21 Aug 2019Just unreal... how can they give you this kind of spec for ... moreIt's real btw..just learn to accept..simple

  • Anonymous

Gusta, 05 Aug 2019Smaller company will always put the price below bigger comp... morehaha, that's cute try to own one first before you tell something like that, like xiaomi do you really need to go for customer care if the phone have a great quality I think not and most of consumers think it will last long or not why are they belong to top mobile phone makers, one of the scary experience about apple and samsung how expensive the parts after is like you bought a new phone for a repair or replacement cost

Just unreal... how can they give you this kind of spec for that kind of money...

  • Aurora

When is nova 5 pro coming in Serbia, and price is (for Serbia) ?

  • Gusta

Joe, 31 Jul 2019K20 pro is a way better phone for the price. Smaller company will always put the price below bigger company because of less support and aftersale (less plant and less service center). The will play the price to get consumer attraction. Don't forget that Xiaomi also gain money from ads that they put on the MIUI (which make the perfomance slower). Not only gain profit on sales.