Huawei nova 5i photos on TENAA confirm four cameras

Yordan, 12 June 2019

Just two days ago the specs of the Huawei nova 5i arrived on TENAA revealing its specs. Now the listing was completed with photos, confirming the looks of the phone that is shaping to be an exact copy of the Huawei P20 Lite (2019) with its four cameras on the back.

Huawei nova 5i on TENAA Huawei nova 5i on TENAA Huawei nova 5i on TENAA Huawei nova 5i on TENAA
Huawei nova 5i on TENAA

The front panel confirms the punch hole design of the selfie shooter, while everything else looks pretty straightforward - a speaker in the bezel, all the keys on one side, nothing too extraordinary from Huawei.

While the cameras visually resemble the Honor 20 Pro with three sensors and an LED flash, Huawei decided to keep a bit of the P30 Pro soul with the ToF sensor sitting just beside those. There is also a fingerprint scanner next to the whole array of shooters since it can’t be implemented under the LCD (yet).

The phone is officially arriving on June 21, but at that rate of leaks, we doubt Huawei will have something to surprise us with at the launch. Unless, of course, it decides to go with its own OS that is already being tested on 1 million devices.

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  • puh

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  • Anonymous

Why each region has different name for each model...confusing people who.want to buy a model.from china and thinking is newer

I will buy a phone that will use the 3Dtof as a sensor for 3D scanning...3D scanner in the pocket is a dream...But they use it only for stupid apps...

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