Huawei nova 5i Pro

Huawei nova 5i Pro

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Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Does it have Gorilla Glass protection or not?I wonder too... cross your fingers it will. Huawei’s budget line usually don’t get Gorilla glass. That is reserved for the more expensive Mate and P series lines (even the base P30/Mate 30). I am not sure the Nova 5 has a Gorilla glass either.

This in China will be called the Nova 5i Pro. In the rest of the world it will be called the Mate 30 Lite.

  • Yronk

Kirin 810 is 7nm (same as 980) but with newer Ai management processing...faster and better energy consumption then kirin 970....onyl lack a little in cpu speed compare to 980

Pakistan release date......

  • Duterte

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2019launch it here in Philippines pleaseNope

  • Aaa

I cant buy this phone in my country

  • JasonX

teardrop notch looks better!

  • Anonymous

when they will going to launch this phone

  • aloshes

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2019Is it aluminum frame ot plasticplastic

  • aloshes

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Does it have Gorilla Glass protection or not?dosent have

  • AnonD-839314

Why don't they launch an Android one device?

  • Nik oktopas

Nik oktopas, 06 Aug 2019 Why do you guys not follow tech news instead of posting s... moreTell them.
I always try to make people understand but they are always arguing . Sumsung copying huawei thats a fact!!!

  • Ravi

When Huawei will launch it in india
If it is under 20k then it will rule the Indian market

  • Peter

Any idea about India release?????
Can't wait to use this phone.

  • Anonymous

launch it here in Philippines please

  • JasonX

I love it!

launch in EUROPA should be around September-October 2019. Cant wait for this buity.

Launch date?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Lol, 07 Aug 2019In your dream.lmaoSamsung just copy pasta iPhone, Huawei make better phone.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2019No they don't. That displqy is made by boeThen BOE is to blame! Get the torches and O3O

  • Anonymous

When will be realized in Bangladesh??