Huawei nova 5z

Huawei nova 5z

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  • Selim

Can't use google any service, so much proble.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2020Global vision is called Nova 7i & will be available nex... moreDoes huawei nova 5z support goggle service

  • Anonymous

the phone doesn't have Notification Led
Nova 5T had it

  • Anonymous

Knucle, 09 Nov 2019Global version???Global vision is called Nova 7i & will be available next week in many Asia market.

  • Alek

AlamgirAH, 21 Nov 2019IPS Display? OIS? No Telephoto Camera? Not acceptable. B... moreGoodbye.
P.S. It has IPS display.

  • Anonymous

i hope kirni 810 will be adapt with google services and go out of china to other countryy we need to see kirin 810 fo the next phones
am a fun of huawei for ever i dont care about google or american service
All support from Tunisia

  • Anonymous

Make a review Gsmarena.

IPS Display? OIS? No Telephoto Camera?
Not acceptable. Bye! Bye!

  • ali2020

At least Huawei is making a nova or midrange phone with expandable storage and headphone jack.

  • Anonymous

do a review

  • Anonymous

plz review (Huawei Nova 5Z).

please do a review gsmarena

  • Anonymous

AKW, 29 Oct 2019what is the difference nova 5z and 5i pro, because I see si... morePrice

  • Knucle

Global version???

  • HH

Huawei product getting good.


Any price info

  • GLOBAL version

I hope that the global version of this has Kirin 980 and a pop-up camera. I'll wait for the release if it does.

  • Sonu tariq

Best features in this range
So excited to buy this
When this will available in Pakistan

  • Fresh Kebab

When it will be available on the Philippines?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

home, 30 Oct 2019Huawei Nova 6 5G. android 10 . Kirin 990+ China exclusive, we will get Kirin 980 and no 5G because USA sanctions...