Huawei nova 7 5G

Huawei nova 7 5G

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  • Dan

I rather not recommend this phone... Your money will be a waste id you are planning to buy this kind of phone... Most applications are not listed on their own app store.. I juat wasted my money biyinv this kind of phone..

Bamboleo, 12 Sep 2021Bro what phone do you think is good for daily use not gamin... moreIf you can find it at the msrp of 260 euros, ($306.93) the Realme GT Neo is about as good as it gets. I can't find any flaws. (except for the plastic back and frame, but if you use cases that won't matter) Great cameras, great battery + charging speed, 10/10 display, UFS 3.1 storage, stereo speakers, outstanding performance, and a headphone jack.

Edit: I chose this as the best bang for your buck, if you just want the best of the best I'd probably go with the Mi 11 Ultra.

  • Parzival

Bamboleo, 12 Sep 2021Bro what phone do you think is good for daily use not gamin... moreBru Go for oneplus/samsung or an Iphone for a daily driver

joe nodden, 20 Jul 2020(1) Kirin fell behind Mediatek when the Dimensity 1000+ rel... moreBro what phone do you think is good for daily use not gaming in late 2021 what would you choose if it was for you? I like that you know alot about phones

  • Anonymous

search for Clowread Tech in youtube for google services on huawei.

Litu, 02 Apr 2021Body plastic? I think its alum frame.

  • Anonymous

lyn, 30 Jun 2021how are you able to install those? please, ThanksUse gspace

  • lyn

JFK, 26 Jan 2021I got Netflix,Spotify,fB,Insta,Youtube working. seems to me... morehow are you able to install those? please, Thanks

  • Lyn

ShrijanFdo, 01 Mar 2021I was looking for a budget phone and definitely not huawei ... moreare you able to access your gdrive and how about gmail sorry for the basic question am not techie at all

  • Anonymous

I'm concern with the quality of sound. Is it okay unlike my Huawei y6 2018. I'm considering buying one. Regards.

  • nova7 user

can anyone tell me how to film in 60fps, cant find it anyware just 30fps or automatique, cant even tell if HDR is on or of because some suggest to turn it off, i have the last update

So far this unit giving me good experience, just use gspace you can do some like phone with google service.

  • Anonymous

This is not good phone in my experience,within 2 months they repaired two times. Services also not good

  • Nn

Can you please include if the phone has lpddr5. Thanjs

  • Atsit

rairuru, 19 May 2021what kinds of e-commerce can be installed on nova 7 (indonesia) ?All of online shopping apps are okay to install

  • rairuru

what kinds of e-commerce can be installed on nova 7 (indonesia) ?

  • m4rsh

Jaymar Badiola, 18 Mar 2021Im a gamer so I buy this huawei noba 7 SE because it have a... moreUse G Space or Apk pure

  • Slender

Ron, 25 Apr 2021No information about screen protection. Isnit using corning... moregorilla glass 5

Ron, 25 Apr 2021No corning gorilla glass protection?No mentioned about screen glass protection. Though there's a preinstalled screen protector out of the box.

  • Ron

rRadD, 22 Apr 2021According to Huawei, it's dual glass and aluminum frame.No corning gorilla glass protection?