Huawei nova 7i

Huawei nova 7i

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  • Ahmed
  • 7Pw
  • 13 Apr 2023

Moiz, 06 Apr 2023Are google play services working?No

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    • Moiz
    • 2Ad
    • 06 Apr 2023

    Rami, 31 Mar 2023Yup, I received it in early March 2023. Works great and smooth.Are google play services working?

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      • Rami
      • 3Zf
      • 31 Mar 2023

      pegasus4174, 30 Aug 2022please anyone had get emui 12 in middle east for nova 7i Yup, I received it in early March 2023. Works great and smooth.

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        • yoyou
        • rt4
        • 14 Mar 2023

        this or y9a in terms of camera

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          • Jeeva
          • D0h
          • 09 Mar 2023

          Anonymous, 04 Mar 2023My YouTube vanced app has stop working, any idea how I can ... moreUse browser

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            • Anonymous
            • YUU
            • 06 Mar 2023

            Solangi, 27 Feb 2023Feature wise best phone in the price range of 40-45k PKR. Y... moreyou can download lighthouse for better expirience..GSpace basically is just a shortcut to the link but it doesnt connect you directly to google server..lighthouse will do tht..

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              • Anonymous
              • CGH
              • 04 Mar 2023

              My YouTube vanced app has stop working, any idea how I can use YouTube on my nova 7i

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                • babydiam
                • tVt
                • 02 Mar 2023

                when does huawei nova 7i will have any solution for nfc function because seem so many phone do have nfc ady????

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                  • Solangi
                  • 6PB
                  • 27 Feb 2023

                  Feature wise best phone in the price range of 40-45k PKR. You can use GSpace application for Google services. I bought my phone in Dec 2020, still going very best. Battery 🔋 backup is superb. Fast charging as advertised.

                    • R
                    • Raj
                    • apJ
                    • 19 Feb 2023

                    I am the victim of the fight among Google and Huawei. I want to burn this phone

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                      • Anonymous
                      • CGH
                      • 31 Jan 2023

                      I have been using the Huawei Nova 7i from July 2021 and I keep falling in love with the phone everyday. Battery still strong, internet still works fast, I mean every feature and application on the phone is still superb like when I first started using it. Have recommended it to quite a number of friends and they've hopped unto the Huawei train. Kudos to the HUAWEI Team. 👏👏👏👏👏

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                        • Anonymous
                        • mc7
                        • 25 Dec 2022

                        Problem with. The dawn load of latest version

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                          • Im
                          • EqZ
                          • 08 Dec 2022

                          Been using it since 2020 and its still a solid phone. Gms might be a problem but gspace is good for workaround.

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                            • naya
                            • L1w
                            • 01 Dec 2022

                            been using it for 2yrs, the phone is super fast up until now .. Huawei quality is very promising downside is when the apps I want to use specifically when I want to order something to be delivered, it needs a Google map to be possible.. I really hope that Huawei can fix this kind of problems .. cos for me their products is the best , I tried every brand of mid range phone and Huawei is the one that satisfy me so much.. 🤍💜

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                              • RA
                              • Fv1
                              • 25 Nov 2022

                              I am using this since 2022 and all I can say is that it is a superb midrange phone on that time. I have no issue in gaming and binge watching and has a big rom and ram but as time goes by the issue pops up and the screen is not that good as it is just IPC LCD. It is prone to crack and ghost touch that you need to change the LCD as early as 2 years.

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                                • Berty
                                • I@a
                                • 24 Nov 2022

                                Been using nova 7i for 2 yrs but without google its difficult and complicated its better to try another model of cp with google f needed

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                                  • Aqarl
                                  • PIJ
                                  • 14 Nov 2022

                                  Using for 2 year still in good condition.. But not recommend for buy in 2022.. Better buy new model..

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • rZu
                                    • 12 Nov 2022

                                    What's with this phone and Google play store?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • m1{
                                      • 01 Nov 2022

                                      wael, 27 Aug 2022no whatsapp it needs google services to runyou cant be serious...of course whatsapp works been using it for a year on my nova 7i no issues

                                        2 years of usage and still counting.. the phone is still as solid and dependable , can't seem to find any serious flaws....any negative remarks are just misplaced opinions, and it's human nature for such people to exist...I am hoping to change the battery in the near future just to keep enjoying this beautiful piece.