Huawei nova 8i

Huawei nova 8i

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  • Kholo

Thinking of buying this phone, any advice or warnings??

  • Sim

Im also not happy with this phone mic is not working

  • Lea

stefanstanisicc, 08 Jan 2022I have a problem with the microphone of the Huawei nova 8i ... moreI'm experiencing microphone problem with my Huawei nova 8i... People who call me can't hear me when I talk

  • Shay

Waste of money, i can't even take photos anymore, everytime i want to take a photo of something and want to look at the photo i just took the photo just vanishes

  • Mr who

So me and a friend both bought the 8i and she accidentally sat on the phone and broke the top camera.. We tried to see if the lense was affected none.. So my question is.. Does it have four lenses or just one and whats the function of the other 3 cause when you cover them only one gets affected.

Also over heats, even the huawi honor is way better than the phone

I have a problem with the microphone of the Huawei nova 8i phone. I bought a phone a month ago and I notice that the sound of the videos is bad and less audible. The sound of the recordings from the concert I was at sounds bad as a robotic sound, I also noticed that sometimes people don't hear me when they call me. How can I solve this problem?

  • Anonymous

I want to upgrade my P Smart 2021 to Nova 8i.... Any opinion or other phone...? Tnx for Answers.

  • Jtdx677

This phone is really good in the battery life, the charging speed and the performance but I soully ask for Huawei that they update this camera software because it's really struggling in high lighting and the front camera portrait mode doesnt have a bokeh effect, please fix that in the next software update

Other wise, Great phone

  • justauser

I bought the phone because I don't want Google services and this is why I agreed to pay more than for other phone from the same class.
Until now I found 2 differences between the above specs and the actual phone:
- the phone does have radio.
- the phone does have NFC.

  • Christian

Christian, 20 Dec 2021I Fully agree from day one from the store this phone is cra... moreAnd what I don't understand is why is my P Smart 2019 with 13MP doing much better video's into the blue sky, then what this peace of shit does with its "SUPERCAMERA" with 64MP does and yes the settings is selected on its highest quality. Can somebody please explain this to me.

  • Christian

Fredo, 11 Dec 2021I made a big mistake of buying a Nova 8i, it's slow, o... moreI Fully agree from day one from the store this phone is crap really my old P-smart 2019 phone was better the phone is freezing up all the time almost like running out of its RAM but the worst part of this phone is its camera's with x4 at the back it cant even zoom 30 meter in.... Used to be a Huawei Fan After this phone will I ever buy that AGAIN why IS THE Camera up to being this useless?

  • Fredo

Shadi Radaideh, 07 Jul 2021As a Huawei fanboy, I can say never buy this phone, it suck... moreI regret buying this phone

  • Fredo

I made a big mistake of buying a Nova 8i, it's slow, over heats, bad camera, the browser acts as if I don't have mobile data and the fact that it doesn't have Google cements everything. I tried returning it right but the store is refusing to take it back. This is actually disgusting, literally unusable phone,don't buy Huawei 2021 models guys, I can see china has paid people to comment to say the 2021 Huawei phones are good ,its a trap, DONT BUY THEM

  • Anonymous

No memory card slot and slow for the signal also i must prefer that samsung, i was decieved

  • Sungye

Fredo, 29 Nov 2021I made a mistake of buying a Nova 8i. I am returning it rig... moreI am regretting for buying huawei nova 8i. I cant use services i really need to. And the services it provides are non-satisfactory.

Rich, 20 Sep 20218 G Ram can't be slow. I use the nova 7I. Very fast an... moreThe 7i you have is fast because of its faster and power efficient 7nm chipset...... The Nova 8i chip be 11 nm bro so poor and a downgrade 😏

  • Fredo

I made a mistake of buying a Nova 8i. I am returning it right now. This is actually disgusting, literally un-usable ,I downloaded the G-space app, also you have to wait for ads in there. I can see china has paid people to go reviews to say the 2021 Huawei phones are good ,its a trap guys, DONT BUY THEM

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2021Single-sim card onlyMine is dual Sim in the Philippine market

  • Anonymous

Roxy , 09 Nov 2021Hi can someone help I bought the hauwei nova 8ibut only sho... moreSingle-sim card only

  • N01B4ME

NeonPT, 10 Nov 2021This phone is the worst value of 2021, you can get the Poco... moreWith a little luck, in the same price category you can buy a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G in the 6 GB / 128 GB version, which is above this Nova 8i in all chapters:

- Google Play Services
- 5G network
- Snapdragon 780G (5 nm)
- Glass front (Gorilla Glass 6), Glass back
- IP53 protection
- 4K@30fps, 1080p@30/60/120fps