Huawei nova 9 will arrive on September 23

Yordan, 06 September 2021

Last month we saw the Huawei RTL-AL00 on TENAA, and today the company confirmed it is a nova 9 smartphone. The new series will be announced on September 23 in China, borrowing the dual-circle design from the P50 flagships.

Huawei nova 9 will arrive on September 23

The nova series is the midrange solution for Huawei and is the most popular in its home country. Each generation has multiple devices, with the nova 8 having no less than seven different phones in its lineup.

The main difference between this nova 9 smartphone and any P50 flagship is the camera placement within the circles. The main shooter is going to be in the top spot with a colored ring around it, and there will be three more shooters in the bottom spot, with an LED flash complementing the design.

Upcoming Huawei nova 9 model (RTL-AL00), photos by TENAA Upcoming Huawei nova 9 model (RTL-AL00), photos by TENAA
Upcoming Huawei nova 9 model (RTL-AL00), photos by TENAA

This exact phone on the photo is likely coming with an OLED panel and UD fingerprint scanner, and will most certainly run HarmonyOS. We are pretty confident it will run a 5G chipset since the launch is in China where demand for next-gen connectivity is on the rise.

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Reader comments

The 8 series was clearly a downgrade from the 7th series.

  • jusknittin

Hopefully this series will be a lot better than nova 8 series; which in my opinion (the 8) only better the nova 7 series by it's charging speed. Other than that, everything is quite similar or lower spec for the 8. I was weighing between both to...

  • Anonymous

totally agree by the way, all devices doing data collection, welcome to new-er age ... and google reports to who ??? ... and who authorize the world-wide single point data collection ???

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