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  • P10 lite user

Tex, 14 Jan 2020This phone is beauty and strong. Fast and great in everything yo... moreThis phone was very powerful. It has fallen several times but it was still good. I really like it. But after it fallen into a bucket of water, it's still good. After a few hours, it did not turn on. It could be that Motherboard was damaged or its software. I was really dissapointed.

  • Tex

This phone is beauty and strong. Fast and great in everything you do.
Battery was horrible after one year but after i change it for original(!) new one, it last good.
Not long after that, i drop phone into damn water and motherboard is down.
Be aware of that and it will last very long.

This(4gb) phone is brutal.

Only weak point is battery after year or more,buy a new battery and this phone runs very good even for 2020,its shame they didnt upadate it to 9 pie at least,by the way i bought it on 25 of december and so far phone is a beast,and one more thing,buy protective glass for display because it dosent have gorilla glass

  • Mammad

It has no bug and unbelievable connectivity. Im satisfied

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2019 No P10 lite ... moreMy next phone Samsung

  • Anonymous

I using P10 lite around 3 years,it is a good phone to me. Can play many game. I always use my phone to share hotspot to ipad but it still feel normal temperature. Battery no problem and no broken even though i always drop it. Too solid make me cannot change others latest phone😂😂

  • Gr8dk

Bought 4 of P10 Lite, good phone, but has an issue after 2 years in use.
The battery issue 1 of 4 cannot hold battery, drop from 75 to 0 in seconds, seam to be a poor battery, cleared phone and started again, same problem 100-75 drop to 0, seam to battery change is the solution.
No 2 of 4 also battery issue drop from 30-40 to 0.
No 3 holds currently 1/2 day, but has a long power cable (car/house/other).
Seen on net, that one place in the world has an battery exchange for huawei. So that seam to be a serious problem, that could also be why the only been upgraded to Android 8.

  • Amdroiduser3066

Unhappy_customer, 26 Jun 2019I see that Huawei is officially releasing the EMUI 9.1 update to... moreYES SO TRUE. The p10 got it and the p10 plus got emui 9.1 but why not p10 lite. The p10 lite can run Android 10 even

  • kalo

Ms, 03 Jun 2019Guys how long does it take to 100%?mine is about 2 hours. Is it ... more1 hour 40 minutes


Only problem I've had is the battery... Changed, and works well again...

  • ucrania

I have it for around 2 years, and looks like it is still very good. Still fast enough, good enough camera. I had also some issues with battery, but it was changed by guaranty, but it easily lasts 12h. The GPS is not acurate only when hotspot is on. Also the display is not that bright I had some issues to use it during the bright days.

  • Anonymous

Huawei p10 lite 2 year use

- GPS not work wel
When it s sunny my Phone reboot because too hot in my car

The localisation Is very approximative same when I walk

No update android after 2 year for the price I go to Nokia now because 3 year update with android one

The screen bug I reboot 3 time week for solve problem

Photo is correct but sometime flou pictures not clean pictures with objet move or you must stable your Phone 1 min for have clean pictures with my Old Phone not problem about that

Cpu is Quick then my Old Phone
Good for use à lot of app

Good soft factory for clean tempory memory optimise phone anti virus .

  • Camz

I have this phone for almost a year I haven't done anything except use it for. Music and my social media yet ut over heats and when it turns off it tell me to wipe the phone or take it in for services yet I've done nothing a waste of a phone honestly

  • Jonathan

I had my P10 lite for 2 years, I recently change the battery but is giving me issues that it turn off and on while watching a video or just surfing the web, first time I ever use a huawei, not sure if I would continue buying another one. Very good phone love the features and cámara and what you can do with it but is the only bad experience I have is with the turn off and on issue

  • Mohammed

It's almost 2&half year now.. Every hear i do a full factory reset for my mobile just for a good performance. And some one is saying low sound in speaker. I suggest them to clean ur speaker and earphone speaker with a tooth brush or any other small brush which fits in the speaker clean it once u will get good sound as a new one. Thnq

  • Lobotomy

Huawei P10 Lite + Catuva Mod = Perfection

  • Anonymous

GalaxyX410, 25 Sep 2019well, Huawei is Huawei. You get updates on Huawei Phones cause o... moreI understand.

Ah well, thanks for clarifying. Still a bummer, tho.

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019I know, I'm not saying it's a huge issue (tho I honestly switche... morewell, Huawei is Huawei. You get updates on Huawei Phones cause of your IMEI.

  • nick

nice phone

  • Anonymous

GalaxyX410, 20 Sep 2019but the J3 has a lower resolution, only quad-core A53, and a 240... moreI know, I'm not saying it's a huge issue (tho I honestly switched phone, the P10 Lite was being really problematic for me after a year, switching to a J3 because I needed a cheap replacement).

I just don't get why a mid range phone gets one year of security patches only, plus one OS update, whilst a low range one gets more updates. It just doesn't sound right.