Huawei P20, P20 Lite, and P20 Pro official cases leak in their own renders

13 March 2018

Yesterday, we saw a massive leak of three P20 models and their press renders in at least three different colors for each model. Let’s just say: the leak was quite thorough.

Anyway, Today, Roland Quandt has leaked a few renders of Huawei’s official cases for the P20 trio. These images were reveled in a tweet.

There are a few different kinds of cases, so let’s get started with the mid-range Huawei P20 Lite.

These are flip cases in black, (pink) gold, and blue. There’s also a clear silicone case, which appears to be the one that would usually come bundled with a phone. Next up is the Huawei P20. According to Quandt, there is a “Car” case, a “Color” case, and a silicone case.

The car case should come with a magnetic mount so you can throw your phone up on the windshield, dash, air vent, or wherever it can be mounted. This one is only seen in black. Otherwise, the color case can be seen in (pink) gold. There’s also a silicone case in both black and (pink) gold. In the second tweet, there’s a flip case in black and (pink) gold. It should also be arriving in blue.

Moving on, here are the cases for the Huawei P20 Pro.

This is very similar stuff to what we saw on the other two P20 models. Quandt mentions there is no such “Twilight” case or cover, at least not at the moment. Twilight was one of the more interesting colors of yesterday’s leak, which you should check out if you somehow missed it.

We’ll be in Paris attending the Huawei P20 launch in Paris, so do come back for hands-on and first impressions of it once we have a chance to get our hands on it.