Huawei P20 Pro update adds automatic super slow motion video function

19 June 2018

Huawei is rolling out an OTA update for the P20 Pro, version number B131.

The major change in this update is that Huawei has added automatic functionality for the super slow motion video feature. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9, the P20 Pro can now detect motion and automatically start recording in the super slow motion mode, whereas previously the user had to hit record manually. Considering the feature only lasts less than a second while recording, the timing for hitting the recording button was tricky as it was possible to miss the moment, but with automatic detection it's more likely you'll get the motion you want to capture. Or at least have someone other than yourself to blame if it doesn't work out.

The other change in the update is that the button to zoom has now been lowered in the camera app, making it easier to reach one-handed.

Lastly, the update also includes the July 1, 2018 security patch.

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