Huawei P30 lite

Huawei P30 lite

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  • Ali

Worst Phone ever. The back cover damage completely after single fall

  • Anonymous

This is the best phone I have ever use since I was born, good one from huawei

  • Gee

Werner, 11 Dec 2020Will P30 lite still recieve regular security patches? What about 10.1

  • Anonymous

To all people saying it's bad i disagree them ,i have this phone for 2 years and I'm getting a new phone just because I now need more ram but if 4 gb ram was still enough for me then I wouldn't have got a new phone because it's really awesome i never had problems
Camera is great
Cpu is running smooth
But i just need more ram for video editing other than that it's so damn good

  • Oli

The gallery really sucks, compared to p10 lite, we can't organize álbuns, the videos almost every format you just can't edit them,

Sam, 06 Feb 2021is Huawei P30 Lite better midranger than Samsung Galaxy A41... more
if you buy it , then you will be pleasantly surprised how smoothly the kirin 710 works

  • Sam

is Huawei P30 Lite better midranger than Samsung Galaxy A41 ?
in terms of
Mediatek MT6768 Helio P65 vs Kirin 710 (both 12nm)
Mali-G52 MC2 vs Mali-G51 MP

  • Beware

BEWARE! This Phone has limited NFC, and is not supporting all "TAG" types!!!!

Fidelis , 11 Jan 2021Please upgrade to Android 10. It is beautiful with the dark... moreI don't have a better battery life on emui 10. 😭

Kujtim Zymeri , 27 Jan 2021Battery life? Good on emui 9.1 not on emui 10.

Phone was good until i update to emui 10. Not a good battery life.
Emui 9.1 used yo last the whole day.

  • Anonymous

Worst phone I've ever had (and this includes my LG G5, which backed up all apps and files on itself thus slowly decreasing its own internal storage and requiring periodic device factory resets).

My P30 Lite has just given problems. I've had speaker feedback, a lagging device, problems keeping charge (after little over 1 year), awful 24MP camera but 32MP selfie cam (curse my "market dependant" device), which makes the pictures look awful on a screen optimised for double the Pixels, and yet I pay the same price as if I'm buying a device with better camera specs.

I upgraded from a cheaper P20 Lite with an excellent camera, metal and glass body and just overall pleasant experience. A family member has the original PSmart device (2017 version I believe) which although older, with an older processor is somehow a more pleasant experience to use than this one.

Avoid Huawei. Go to any other competitor.

  • Kujtim Zymeri

Sir Mel The Biker, 27 Jan 2021My Huawei p30 lite it's a beautiful camera/gaming........ moreBattery life?

My Huawei p30 lite it's a beautiful camera/gaming.....
almost 1 year used.....
Great experience.....

  • Anonymous

I have been using this phone for 2 years and it's awesome... Beside its screen size which is little small but has it's own advantage

  • H

sonicswink, 02 Aug 2020After the EMUI 10 update this phone will overheat so much e... moreexactly true, the phone really heat even so fast.
do you find a solution??

  • H

A, 10 Jan 2021It became a bit slower Also heatsexactl
the phone really gets hot after using only couple of minutes!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021Just bought this phone the 128gb 24megapixel camera. Only t... moreomfg why did you buy this crap. 2021 buy a 2019 phone for 400aud. ffs look at the chip being used, kirin 710 (12 nm) rubbish chip. for 400aud you could have bought a redmi note 9 pro 5g, chip sd 750g twice better than kirin 710 and supports 5g. 108mp camera, more features etc. for 700 aud you could have bought iqoo neo3 oled screen, 144hz, sd 865 like 5 times bettet than kirin 710 bro. you got scammed, you can buy flagship from 2 years ago but not mig ranger! ffs buy mid range from the same year for the same bloody price!

  • Anonymous

Just bought this phone the 128gb 24megapixel camera. Only taken a few pics so far but already super impressed especially since it cost under $400 Aud. Can't wait to get out and take more pics. So easy to use and is great on the default camera setting. Highly recommend.

  • Anonymous

I have huawei p30 lite for a year now its not lagging and it's so smooth and when watching movies the screen is awesome.