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Huawei P30 lite

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  • Laszlo

In my P30lite (European version) works both sim slot. M ydevice has USB type-C not 2.0. The screen ration seems abnormal to me in the description. And I have NFC in my mobile.

  • Kris

Dual sim option not working! Really upset about it

  • Bill

Werner, 10 Jun 2020Im using P30 lite. My phone starts to freeze when im busy o... moreI m actually having the same issue, did fix yours?

clever_maniac, 23 Jun 2020the bestyep, for its price its a bargain. Great specs overall.

Can you get 5G on this phone

  • Anonymous

Cannot get 5g on this phone

  • clever_maniac

the best

Roppa, 18 Jun 2020I messaged the Huawei Service Team in the Huawei Support ap... moreI got the Mar-Lx2 version of Huawei p30 lite a few days ago and indeed got the android 10 update after a day ! Unfortunately this version does not have NFC for use in the UK , they all have so many versions it appears of this handset , so can get a bit confusing if buying from overseas . Deal breaker for me , so will have to return and just buy the standard 4gb ram version instead of the 6gb version the MAR-LX2 has .

I messaged the Huawei Service Team in the Huawei Support app and according to them this will get Android 10.1, there's no date as to when it will get it though.

me, 02 Jun 2020hi guys want to buy a phone and im stuck choosing between i... moreiPhone 7 Plus. It has the better Performance and the camera is stunning.

  • Msrmsr

Will Huawei P30 lite get android 11 ?

  • Msrmsr

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2020Can i ask why you should never get a Samsung other than S o... moreBecause it's not flagship phone it's midranges phone that's why
If get galaxy s series we compare to Huawei P30 pro models

  • ilyas

battery is not good....y u buy this

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020Because they're all worth only 50% of their actual price. N... moreCan u advise on which phone to buy from huawei it has a good battery, 64 GB storage at least,a normal camera, no hanging issue and in the range of 30K...
Or what are the other best choices in this range 20K to 30K...??

  • Werner

Im using P30 lite. My phone starts to freeze when im busy on Google Facebook or Twitter. What can be the problem? How to fix the problem?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2020Thank you so much for your time and well thought out answer... moreIf we ignore price difference, Galaxy A50 is better than Y9 Prime 2019 in almost every way. So you can go with it.

Another of my friend had it for short while. It seemed to work fine but phones can develop issues with updates, so check on that.
XDA, A50 Facebook & Telegram groups are good places to get users insight.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2020My pleasure. Do you've any more options, from Realme, Redmi... moreThank you so much for your time and well thought out answer. Very informative and helpful. Camera is not the main aspect of a phone I'm looking for however. I wish that Realme was in my country but unfortunately not.

I think i may go with Y9 prime according to research and your advice. Although there has been a major drop in th Samsung galaxy A50 . So yet another aspect to choose from.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2020Thank you so much for your great advice it really helps!! ... moreMy pleasure. Do you've any more options, from Realme, Redmi or any other? If not, I suggest you to go with Huawei Y9 Prime 2019. It suits your needs best.
- If you don't play heavy games then check A30s camera in low/medium lighting settings and see if the result is good.

Galaxy A31:
- Bad performance & more heating. Acceptable if you avoid heavy games but not otherwise.
- Battery is alright. Less efficient but it's a big battery & charges at 15watt.
- Can't say if its camera quality is better than Y9 Prime 2019. My assumption: Its back camera is slightly better while front camera is either same or worse.
- But its camera quality 110% isn't as good as P30 Lite, even considering 24MP variant.

P30 Lite:
- Good performance
- Normal battery timing but charges at 18watt.
- Best camera. Known as one of the cheapest camera phones.

Y9 Prime 2019:
- Best performance
- Best battery timing but charges at 10 watt.
- Camera isn't exactly worse. It's usable, especially if you're comparing it with Galaxy A series, but I don't recommend it to anyone looking for a good camera phone.
Phones like P30 Lite, Realme 5 Pro, Redmi Note 8 Pro have much better cameras.
- Advise: Learn to use HedgeCam 2 to its improve camera quality a bit.

Technical info:
1. Exynos 7904 is a weak chipset but you don't need to compare Kirin 710 vs Kirin 710F performance and battery efficiency.
- Kirin 710 (12nm) is about just as battery efficient as Kirin 710F (12nm). Exynos7904 is notably weaker and is 14nm chipset (less battery efficient & more heating).
Kirin 710 is equivalent of SD660, Helio P60/70 in both performance and battery efficiency. And Kirin 710F is 10% more powerful than it.

In practical terms, you won't feel the difference between Kirin 710 vs 710F. At best, if you're very sensitive to FPS difference like me, you'll notice Y9 Prime 2019 gives 2-5 more FPS in PUBG. But my friend who owns that phone thinks their performance is exactly the same.

2. Remember this rule about phone cameras:
"Camera quality depends on software optimisation."

Never base your choice on MP alone. You'll find many 48MP camera phones performing worse than 16 - 25MP camera phones. Yes, senors matter but camera optimisation is the single *most important* factor for a phone's camera.

- In fact, mobile brands often spend more money optimising the camera than buying a better camera sensor for this reason.

  • Haris

I am using Huawei nova2 for 2 years. Its sound is very less. How is P30 Lite? sound good or not ? how is the perfomance ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2020Because they're all worth only 50% of their actual price. N... moreThank you so much for your great advice it really helps!!
I'm a student at university so i need a phone with good battery and I'm afraid of the significantly lower battery size of the p30 lite. I'm not sure how efficient the Kirin 710 is? Plus in my country i can only afford the p30 lite 2019 which has the 24MP and not 48MP camera. The Samsung offers 25MP and larger battery. The Y9 prime has same battery as A30s but worse camera set up but also has Kirin 710F the best chipset out of the 3. I'm really struggling to decide.