Huawei P30 Pro teardown reveals how many US parts are in there

Yordan, 28 June 2019

The ongoing trade war between the United States and China makes people wonder how much will it affect Huawei, but Nikkei Asian Review went one step further. The media published a detailed teardown of a Huawei P30 Pro unit revealing how many US-made parts are in there. The answer is just 15 out of the total of 1,631, but they account for 16.3% of the total production cost.

Cost in USD / Percentage of total Number of parts / Percentage of total
China 138.61 / 38.1% 80 / 4.9%
Japan 83.71 / 23% 869 / 53.2%
USA 59.3 / 16.3% 15 / 0.9%
Taiwan 28.85 / 7.9% 83 / 5%
South Korea 28 / 7.7% 562 / 34.4%
Total 363.83 1631

The reason why so few components cost so much is because of the DRAM, manufactured my Micron, a company, based in Boise, Ohio. It is the second most expensive part, just after the OLED panel, manufactured by BOE. There are also two communication semiconductors, built by Skyworks and Qorvo, while the large IC is a joint venture between American and Japanese companies.

Chipset made by HiSilicon (China) Camera made by Sony (Japan) DRAM made my Micron (USA) NAND flash memory made by Samsung (South Korea)
Chipset • Camera • DRAM • NAND flash memory

A breakdown of the key parts reveals Huawei is using a Chinese SoC, built by its subsidiary HiSilicon. The NAND flash memory is made by Samsung, while the cameras are from Sony. Hong Kong-made is the lithium-ion battery, while other Japanese companies like TDK and Kyocera have a hand in the antenna duplexer.

Global shares of core parts Global shares of core parts
Global shares of core parts Global shares of core parts
Global shares of core parts

American companies are prohibited to trade with Huawei if the product or goods is more than 25% comprised of US-derived technologies. The Chinese company will have no trouble to choose non-American manufacturers, but if the consumer trust hurts the overall sales and shipments plummet, all the other companies will feel the hit.

More importantly though, even if Huawei drops the US parts suppliers it will still need to work with Google for Android. Plans of its own platform are fine, but there's no chance that it will deliver the same user experience for a few years at least, if ever.



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The japanese invaded China when the communist and the KMT was having a civil war. So who is the weak country now?! We Chinese might not have hate you that much if you have not massacre 25 million innocent Chinese. The japanese derserve to two nukes f...

its a known fact

  • Anonymous
  • 30 Jun 2019
  • uRP

They can easily replace those parts by Samsung.

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