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  • Mirfi
  • srr
  • 24 Mar 2024

One of the best phones I ever had. Good battery, good price, solid performance. It still works superbly since 2020, with no screen burn-in or any othe issues. I don't understamd though why Huawei ditched the compact P, for the plus 6.5 phones. I would have still bought a new one from a newer generation, even without 5G or Google Services.

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    • Cholo14
    • x{6
    • 24 Feb 2024

    How update Android 13 for p40 huawei

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      • Anonymous
      • vxs
      • 15 Feb 2024

      The battery capa

        Admit it or not Huawei is the rare brand that we talk about durability and performance even compared to new phone after 3 years 😁 of usage !
        Have this phone for 3 years buy a Xiaomi 11 for remplacement run back to my 3 years Huawei after 2 weeks !

          Dj Andy, 12 Aug 2023Hello Please Huawei , Lg and Sony is brand which one is goo... moreThey are both good for the trash. Keep your Huawei.

            duki92, 14 Oct 2023After having this phone since November 2020, moving to Xper... moreI can confirm that.

              After having this phone since November 2020, moving to Xperia 5 III, returning to it and upgrading to Mate 50 Pro, I'd say this is the best and most well-rounded phone I've ever had.
              I've got it for 380 Euros brand new, and the best bang for the buck ever. Build quality-wise, it was built much better than Mate 50 Pro. The battery is now at 92% health after almost 3 years and I've used it extensively. I never had anything to complain about, although the display has a bit of a green tint and isn't very color-accurate, price-wise it's excellent. The 2nd hand price is now around 150 Euros and I highly suggest anyone buying it, you won't find a better phone for quite a bit higher price.

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                • duan
                • JY5
                • 14 Oct 2023

                erezc, 30 Aug 2023Hi I have this phone 2 years (got as a present) and I love ... moreFor some reason, it doesn't support ESIM. Mate 50 pro doesn't support it either

                  Kujtim Zymeri, 18 Sep 2023Sony Xperia 5iv. Yeah it can happen for exchange.

                    dejan, 18 Sep 2023How can I install harmony os4 on version ana nx9?.. no you cannot, we have the same model and we have the same model and it is not yet supported, We have the global model and only Chinese models so far are supported. I just received a September patch and it still works great. I think there is not much difference on the UI when comparing EMUI and Harmony OS other than faster response and battery life I guess.

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                      • dejan
                      • 3@j
                      • 18 Sep 2023

                      How can I install harmony os4 on version ana nx9?

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                        • Kujtim Zymeri
                        • 8rJ
                        • 18 Sep 2023

                        LoveTheSpeed, 25 Aug 2023You can buy my LG G8S ThinQ. Works like a dream. Sony Xperia 5iv.

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                          • erezc
                          • a4P
                          • 30 Aug 2023

                          Hi I have this phone 2 years (got as a present) and I love it very much. GMS is not problem for me.
                          A Question if someone can assist....
                          What might be the reason that I do not have an eSim option in that phone? I see an IMEI, MEID but not an EID!. Nothing to give any option to set the eSim as demonstrated all arround. The phone is running HarmonyOS3. And I do not know where it was bought from (present). Its factory name is ANA-AN0. Thanks in advance

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                            • Anonymous
                            • mcB
                            • 28 Aug 2023

                            My phone was left in muddy water for 20 minutes and there is no damage at all, THANK YOU, Huawei!!!

                              Dj Andy, 12 Aug 2023Hello Please Huawei , Lg and Sony is brand which one is goo... moreYou can buy my LG G8S ThinQ. Works like a dream.

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                                • Dj Andy
                                • CGH
                                • 12 Aug 2023

                                Hello Please Huawei , Lg and Sony is brand which one is good and which model to buy

                                  gastritis, 24 Jul 2023I had this phone for around two years now and it is still c... moreYes!

                                    I had this phone for around two years now and it is still comfortable to hold compared to newer phones that are ever-growing in size. It is very easy to hold and use as it is so compact.

                                    The screen size is just enough for me, it is good outdoors and can be dim enough for bedtime browsing. It is OLED so it has perfect blacks. 60Hrtz is fine, too, it saves up battery. The pill size cutout is negligible when gaming but can be noticeable when watching videos in landscape. I forgive it since it is used for IR-face scanning which works even in pitch-black environments as opposed to what GSMArena said in its review.

                                    The cameras are hands-down great, it takes very good photos regardless of the situation. Oddly, it is better to use auto mode when taking pictures of dark or nighttime environments as it is much better, the night mode doesn't take better pictures. Sometimes you just need to toggle off the AI feature to keep it from switching between the cameras for a photo of something.

                                    The speaker is not bad, it is loud but I have used other phones that can be louder, the haptics are nice, too.

                                    Battery life is very good, after making sure to charge when 15-20 percent and unplug after reaching 80-85 percent, it still shows 95% on the maximum capacity in the settings app. The good thing is that it has some nice battery settings where you can disable app launches which does help.

                                    I received and installed the latest security update dated July 2023. I'm not sure if they are going to work on upgrading the EMUI on this phone.

                                    I used GBox to access Google Photos and Maps, Chrome can be installed directly to the phone, I used the built-in email app and logged my Google accounts and I haven't had issues with syncing emails, and I used Smart Launcher instead of its own launcher. It can be annoying for some but there is a way to use the apps that you need, if you know what you are doing, like syncing contacts and so on, there are many tutorials and videos online.

                                    The best compact phone that I used so far, the small Zenfones are nice but this looks way better and more premium in my opinion.

                                      gajim, 21 Jun 2023still best phone,i bought p40 2021 until now,no problem at ... moreI agree, this phone is fantastic.

                                        Huawei Fanboy, 18 Mar 2023This has to be one of the last, best phones from them in a ... moreI hope they will surprise us with something smaller.