Huawei P8 Lite (2017)

Huawei P8 Lite (2017)

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  • brah

UserNougat, 09 Dec 2020Im still using this phone since 2017 till now and soon im g... morei have an sd card,how do i install apps on it? its class 10 A1

  • Anonymous

radio fm can't work,how can i install it

  • Anonymous

Tawhid, 11 Aug 2021Battery capacity is 3000 mah But what is its charging spe... moreNo fast charging

  • Tawhid

Battery capacity is 3000 mah
But what is its charging speed??
Is it 10W?? Or sometging else

  • Paul

Ahhh memories, this was my first Huawei device, after using this device I started to love Huawei products and ever since then I had been using Huawei phone and their products till this day

  • Anonymous

Hi, I had this phone since 2017 and it has been very useful. I cannot use it now because the power button is not working now. I have tried pressing the power button and volume button at the same time for 30 seconds and it is not working. I need some help.

  • Robo

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020My P8 Lite keeps filling up wth data and I am not the cause... moreAgree.
Terrible bloat on Huawei P8 Lite 2017.
Many stupid, superfluous google apps that I neither chose nor need and which I cannot discard because they are 'system apps' which cannot be removed.
Liked this phone in the beginning but it fills up INEXPLICABLY FAST now and nothing I do enables me to free up space so that is now dangerously close to crashing.
I loath this phone and will NEVER buy another Huawei or Chinese phone again. Huawei - as already stated by another Huawei user - is WAY. TOO. PRESCRIPTIVE. If this is a plot to keep the public upgrading their Huawei phones, it's not working for me.

  • Ibrahim

Dear Sir
As I have one of the Huawei products from 2016 until now once I have up date software's of the product but the menu is right now not good the old version was so nice could you're made an up dates for it or make it old version.

  • Huaweizaman

As with many older devices back up all your important settings and contacts to the cloud and wipe the phone from all data every now and then and jut restore the backup you made once the wipe is complete. then update all apps either through play store or huawei's proprietary app store and you're phone is like new again. TIP: to prolong battery life , never let charge percentage drop below 40%. Huawei p8lite 2017 supports quick charge 2.0 even though not mentioned in documentation that came with the phone. And please people, invest in a good quality powerbank and good cable so that you don't run out of power during the course of the day.

  • sirajuddin

Where u bought battery.Its a original one.How much cost of battery

  • Unknown

My phone Was Since I Used is 2018 and the battery life was so fast to low bat and my android version now is 8

  • UserNougat

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2020I have been using this phone for almost 3 yrs and I found a... moreIm still using this phone since 2017 till now and soon im gonna upgrade
Battery is the best thing dude, it lasts all day but on games i used to play like 5 games on pubg = 2/3 hrs and the battery goes from 100 to 20% that wasnt bad for a 3000 its not a gaming phone anyway xD
The internal memory is enough for social media apps and a game or to maximum.. Otherwise u will have to buy an external sd card class 10 or above and go to settings and make the sd card the default saving memory, i did this and nw i download most of the apps i need but still cant have alot of apps
+ camera is not good at night

  • UserNougat

Ouda, 07 Dec 2020my first huawei mobile, I bought it 2017 , still use it fro... moreDude this still my main phone from 2017 till now and battery life still stand whole day, i wanna upgrade of course but didn't decide what i want yet.. Maybe Xiaomi mi 10t pro or one+

my first huawei mobile, I bought it 2017 , still use it from time to time , comfortable in hand with light weight , and no laggs according to my usage : browsing and playing asphalt 8 and subway surf and it upgradable to android can compare this monster with top midrange phones of 2017 .2018 and beat them

  • Anonymous

Have had one of these since 2018, and despite low battery, very pleased with it. So much so that I bought one on ebay as new and found the old one that had been lost.
But the first phone has updated to the latest firmware OTA no problem, but the second phone is not recognising any updates available, even though they are both the same model.
How could I update it? The one with emui 8 is much faster now

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2019Very nice phone but also no updates since January 2019. I a... moreMy P8 Lite keeps filling up wth data and I am not the cause of this problem. Lots of Google apps which I don't use but they're all ruddy system apps so can't remove them. I will never buy another Chinese phone. Huawei is way too prescriptive. They are too controlling. Loathe this phone.

  • Anonymous

Just got a hand me down and it's fine, my last one was a smashed 5c. It's got plenty of RAM and is quick, anyone hating on it probably needs to organise their priorities in life if I'm honest

  • hesala

good phone

  • Anonymous

Is the battery 2900mAh or is it 3000mAh?
Mine shows 2900mAh.

  • Cristi

I had this phone back in that day, and it was fine for that money and comparing with j5 i loved it, but now is underpowered and the screen is small with big edges. In 2017 it really had a good screen and a good performance for me.