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Supermann, 08 May 2020Are there any Huawei P8 Max users in the United Kingdom abl... moreI am in UK on emui 4.0.3 with android security 5 August 2018. haven't used the phone in years though so it is on ebay now

  • del

I have tried updating my huawei p8 max phone but to no avail. It didn't work. I there any current update of this model or brand?

Are there any Huawei P8 Max users in the United Kingdom able to receive automatic updates.
I am in United kingdom and my Huawei P8 Max was imported from China/Asia.
It still has the old EMUI 3.1 version installed but can not receive automatic updates, i am trying to get a newer EMUI version higher than EMUI 3.1 version. I contacted Huawei UK and they stated because it was imported from China something related to its region the handset can not receive updates, but Huawei phones are imported to UK from China to be sold and they all can receive updates on the handsets. Please can anyone help a very distressed Hauwei P8 Max user.

  • Supermann

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2016Huawei P8 Max has got Phone Storage Capacity - 8 GB but whe... moreHi. Did you sort out problem?. I too have same problem, my P8 Max is supposed to have 64GB of internal memory but upon checking internal memory in storage it is showing 8 GB!. I can only download a few apps, not enough memory.

  • Supermann

Jem, 15 Sep 2019I just updated last week, latest now DAV 703LC . I didn't a... moreHello Jem,
Please can you help.
I am using Huawei P8 Max Model: Dav-701LV
I am in United Kingdom.
Does you know what is the latest up to date O/S: EMUI can be updated for my Huawei P8 Max? At the moment EMUI 3.1 is installed and has Android Version 5.1.1. I have updated the to the most recent firmware available dated from 1st July 2017 but can not receive anymore updates. I love this phone so much that I have bought this Huawei P8 Max because my last Huawei P8 Max was damaged.

  • Anonymous

ROGER, 11 Sep 2019looking for used p8 max i have one fully working order crack in the display and dent on the corner slight bend in chasis

  • Jem

xiaomiuser, 23 Aug 2019I bought the International version of this P8MAX (DAV-701LV... moreI just updated last week, latest now DAV 703LC . I didn't able to use my huawei p8max for 6 months after I reset by factory default.


looking for used p8 max

I bought the International version of this P8MAX (DAV-701LV) in 2015 - there has NOT BEEN AN UPDATE EVER SINCE RELEASE !!!!! This was my first Huawei phone and will be my last - as can be seen by my username, I support Xiaomi now. Huawei has burnt all bridges to this customer. Does anyone know how to hack an update to this phone ? I'm sitting on the ancient Lollipop 5.1.1

  • Erambo

I loved this phone until I lost all google services. Now just a paper weight.

  • DaneLaw

Its one of the few bonafide 16/9 screen.
biggest weaknesses is the age and a GPU that already at released was not high-end worthy..
but the quality hence 2015 model-era, is really good, with that metalbuild and extreme thinformfactor in 6mm and something and huge batteries..
feel like a big thin piece of metal and that 16/9 screen really shines in media.

And the latest update has restored Google services! My lovely Huawei P8 Max is back in service!

The bezels is what makes it so much bigger

Lawrence from Canada, 16 Sep 2018You're not the only one. I'm really frustrated at Huawei.... moreActually, I threw in the towel tonight and ordered the Galaxy Note 9 512GB. I think the screen will be fine and I know there won't be any problems with band support, Google services or customer service. Lost contacts or any data really, is not acceptable with the high quality devices available these days.

  • Lawrence from Canada

GhostTheGhostGhost, 12 Sep 2018I updated my DAV-703 (international version) from EMUI 4 to... moreYou're not the only one. I'm really frustrated at Huawei. A lot of people online had same issues. I tried everything such as reset to factory, or install new ROM. I'm shopping for a new phone now in a hurry. I will consider not to get a Huawei China phone. I just found that all my years of Google Contacts were not updated in Google; I didn't know that I supposed to install Google Contact Sync to get auto sync. I don't need to do this in other Android phone. It is too late for me, since I did a factory reset and lost all stored contacts. I was considering to get newly-released Huawei Honor 8x max or Xiaomi MI Max 3 (6.9 inch phone).

I updated my DAV-703 (international version) from EMUI 4 to EMUI 4.0.3 and now all Google services are blocked. Apparently, the Chinese version got pushed out to the international versions and our devices got clobbered. After checking XDA threads, seems if you root the device and put the previous rom on you're good to go. Really loved this phone but rather useless now... Hoping Huawei pushes a fix out soon.

  • Viyog

AnonD-257201, 10 Apr 2017is this compatible with galaxy gear S2 ? Yes ,you can.

  • AnonD-741582

This phone look cool

  • SimonSays

AnonD-732381, 22 Jan 2018I love my P8 to bits... nearly 3 years old but wouldn't up... moreI too loved my P8 Max... but it got damaged beyond repair.
Best upgrade was Huawei Honor Note 8 - which I LOVE... only *very* slightly smaller screen, but faster and better looking. Very good replacement. I bought in China and installed the Google apps myself - very easy.

  • AnonD-732381

I love my P8 to bits... nearly 3 years old but wouldn't upgrade my pgablet for anything at the moment! BUT.... Android upgrade/update...... PLEASE HUAWEI!!