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Huawei P9 lite

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  • agan.bagoes

zs5zk, 09 Nov 2019Huawei P9 Lite. 16 Gb Memory. 2 or 3 Gb ram. you don't need mor... moreThis is p9 Lite has eis or no? Please anyone answer. Thx

Huawei P9 Lite. 16 Gb Memory. 2 or 3 Gb ram. you don't need more than 16 Gb for Programmes. For music and videos, insert a SD Card up to 256 Gb memory for all music, Videos, games. After inserting extra SD card, go to "Memory and Storage" in Settings. Bottom of page you will see "Storage Settings". Press Default Location and select "SD Card. After this you will have the BEST Phone ever. Anything you download will automatically save to Memory SD Card. Standard Programs will stay on Internal Memory. """ DON"T Forger to switch OFF phone before mounting the New card.""""

  • Pedro

Excelent phone. But need to change because the memory is not suficient

  • Anonymous

How get nightshot on Huawei P9 Lite ?????

P9 lite is pretty good phone. It's specs are higher than many phones that its segment. But there is a only and most important thing that its internal storage. Storage is a really joke such that it swelled out after one half year! After that you don't able to use the phone regularly. Also this phone isn't been rooted.


good cellpohne, good qualilty . good battery
good camera
but i need an upgrade now!

  • gio

great phone.bulletproof.

Look for a tiny keyboard icon, or go to Settings > System > Languages and input

  • Anonymous

speak to txt!!, howdo i turn off and return to normal print to txt?

  • shoukath

Please tell me We can use USB

  • Ezekiel adams

l 31 the best phone ever it has been a year but it still works best for me

  • Nbl530

gringo, 14 Aug 2019My P9 Lite (VNS-L31) still rocks with my own custom LOS 14.1 ...... moreHello, Can you give us the link for your own LOS 14.1 please? Thanks you..

  • gringo

My P9 Lite (VNS-L31) still rocks with my own custom LOS 14.1 ... faraway better than any stock rom ! The sound, camera, battery and internet speed are better than stock too !

This phone is a beast for advanced users and devs !


I have used p9lite for 3 years it a good phone and very durable and very good looking my problem is one the battery runs out so fast mostly if you 4G Internet speed, secondly its camera in the dark it cant take photos well because the photos can will be so dark completely but during day the photo is so amazing mostly the selfie but the colors remain normal, the display resolution is very poor am yet to try P9 PLUS

  • Tahi

Peter, 01 May 2019I have the L31 version for 2,5 years now. Works great! I mention... moreI also have L-31 but mine is not updating

  • Tahi

It does not supports OTG
And I have l31 but it's not updating to nougout 7.0

  • Jakub

I hated how it killed background apps and processes. It caused notifications disappearances. Regardless the battery saving options. Besides that, that was quite a comfortable device.

  • shan

hey, tell me someone its that compatible with UHs 3 class 10 micro sd cards.

  • Rehan

Ram, 19 Jan 2019May i want to know the phone it works volte orelse show lte Volte

  • lewisky

how can i transfer my apps to sdcard? huhuhu