Huawei P Smart+ 2019

Huawei P Smart+ 2019

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- Well the "P" in the P smart plus, definitely doesn't stand for photography 😭 , Huawei didn't do a good job here but anywho, the display, performance and battery are pretty good for average and daily use, but the camera is definitely a 1/10 for me especially the selfie camera, I just can't stand it

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    • Andrew
    • 6k%
    • 21 Dec 2021

    I've had it since 2019 and never had any problems with it, besides the fact that battery started draining quicker since about a year or less and now it works slower but that's because I used up all the space. Good phone nevertheless, I'm happy with it and I hope to keep using it as long as possible.

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      • Pauly
      • 0R5
      • 22 Mar 2020

      Callosum, 23 Jul 2019It's not bad at all, but not that good neither. Screen-O... moreIgnore the above. This is a little dynamo,a wolf in sheep's clothing. Nippy, smooth screen transitions, good screen,an underrated camera, so good and many many options. Good looks , fairly quick charging, good call quality and reasonable sound. Oh and you get a free case!! What's not to like!?

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        • Roppa
        • n50
        • 28 Aug 2019

        nexhi, 17 Jun 2019how can I buy this product?First of all you will need some money, then you will need a retailer who sells this phone, all you have to do next is buy it. It's as easy as that.

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          • Callosum
          • 31L
          • 23 Jul 2019

          It's not bad at all, but not that good neither.

          Screen-On time is about 8..9 hours. Good handling, the plastic back is not slippery. EMUI is messy. Ugly icons. Some useless Huawei bloatware which cannot be deinstalled, nor disabled. Adware (Amazon et al. ...) may easily be removed though. Screen is excellent, color temperature is adjustable, brightness is not outstanding, but ok for everyday use.

          Camera quality is "nothing to phone home about" -- small pixel size, over-aggressive sharpening, low dynamic range, a huge disappointment IMHO. 'Night mode' is surprisingly good though and quite usefull for posting on social media, just don't examine the outcome on a PC screen... Ultrawide snapper is ok for funny snapshots.

          Differences to "P Smart 2019" (without "+"):
          - main 24MP camera, ultrawide cam.
          - sadly no notification LED! Nope.

          ... just my 2 cents.

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            • nexhi
            • Srh
            • 17 Jun 2019

            how can I buy this product?

              Silly one.

                Phone Reviewer, 30 Apr 2019Not sure, this is Huawei naming scheme. Maybe they thought ... moremaybe. thanks.

                  Same as P Smart 2019
                  Just one more camera.
                  Well tnx but no tnx

                    Joke Zhang, 27 Apr 2019Why is it called p smart+ (2019) instead of 2018? Not sure, this is Huawei naming scheme. Maybe they thought that this phone was 2019 ready?

                      Why is it called p smart+ (2019) instead of 2018?

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                        • Anonymous
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                        • 10 Apr 2019

                        abbas, 12 Mar 2019any one plz tell me when i will get pie uodate in pakistan ?????Its available..

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                          • Safa
                          • YWi
                          • 05 Apr 2019

                          1. Is it scratch proof from both sides
                          2. If I update to 9.1 from Oreo ( any difference positive and negative) .

                            shafiullah2500, 25 Mar 2019Assalamu Alaikum. Dear Nova 3i Users. Please Please don't ... moreUpdated mine and its perfect..
                            Clear your system partition cache. It will help

                              Android pie update now available for INE-LX1 model.
                              Received it today.

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                                • pane
                                • 04R
                                • 28 Mar 2019

                                anon, 14 Mar 2019Honor 8x or Nova 3i? They have same price in my country. Fo... moreyour choice -
                                Honor 8x advantage; 6.5''display with corninng gorilla glass v3, gyroscope, secondary camera 16 mpx, micro USB on- the- go , 3750 mah battery.

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                                  • boomerang
                                  • swp
                                  • 26 Mar 2019

                                  Does anyone have P Smart+ 2019 ?

                                    Assalamu Alaikum.
                                    Dear Nova 3i Users. Please Please don't Update to Pie(Android Version 9)
                                    After update Facing Troubles
                                    1. Heat up
                                    2.Battery Charging is too Slow
                                    3.Sound Less
                                    4.Battery Discharge too Fast
                                    5.Brightness less.
                                    Thank You

                                      Again micro-USB port and no fast charging? WTF?